Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life in May2 - Jun 10

Me: Is it over? Is that it?
Life: No.
Me: Then what is this? why are we here?
Life: This is just a milestone. A momentary stop.
Me: Ah!

May 2 to Jun 10 was a period of incredible luck as i had mentioned in my earlier posts. I was so fortunate that even i passed the driving test the first time. The major activities were:

I am enjoying my work very much. Enjoying the workplace discussions, team spirit, competitiveness and responsibility. I think i should try to live in this mode only. I have tried living in a relaxing mode but it never helps.

My Kabir project - Had a wonderful time listening and writing Kabir songs.

Had a mini Indian Indie festival. Saw Before the Rains by Santosh Sivan. Decent movie. Nice music and some great scenes.
Next was Lets talk. Brilliant. Must watch.
Next was Amal. You should watch it, you must watch it. If you need it, just tell me, rest i will make sure that you get it. Kind of movie which tells you what you never think.

Post driving test celebration - After i passed my driving test, it was 12 noon on a Thursday and i had the rented car till 5 pm. So i went on a drive. I had always wanted to go to Half moon bay. And today it felt like it. First, i started driving on foothill expressway. And then a thought occurred - How about i drive on this road until the road ends. And so i just kept on driving on Foothill expressway. I reached Mount Etna, Steven's Trail. It was like driving in those Indian hills, going to Amarkantak or Dehradun. But at last the road beat me, i had to turn back, I must have drove for an hr on that road but after that it was getting too curvy and i had to go to half moon bay. Then i went to Poplar beach in half moon bay, Sat there for half hr and came back. Sitting on the beach is so peaceful.

Was a proud competitor in moustache may competition, and hence didnt shave my beard for the whole month. Good experiment.

Shifted my place. Was getting bored at the old one. This new one looks very good so far.

Friday, June 5, 2009

DMV driving test - DU style

June 4, 2009. Time: 11:33 am.
Test administrator: Go to line D.
Me: What? Did i pass the test?
Test administrator: Yes.

DU exam giving style. Exam is 30 days ahead.
Day 1 to Day 20. Do nothing.
Day 21: Start planning of doing something.
Day 25: Do the actual planning.
Day 25: Planning done, go and watch movie.
Day 26,27: Watch more movies as during exams you wont get time to watch them.
Day 28: Go to a friend's room and ask for syllabus. Get it marked in the book.
Day 29(One day before the exam): Look for past 2-3 year papers and ask some stud to tell how to solve them.
Day 30 (the morning before exam): Practice those 2-3 papers.
Day 30: Watch movie after giving exam.

DMV test. Gave written test , 2 months permit - aka 2 months time to get license.

Day 1 to Day 40: Do nothing.
Day 41-45: Start thinking about giving a test.
Day 45: Start looking for rental cars.
Day 50: Actually go and get a rental car.
Day 51-58: There is lots of time for the test. Watch movies.
Day 59: (the day before test) Start searching online for common mistakes done by people. Youtube had some excellent videos.
Day 60: (Day of the test) Get up early and practice not committing those common mistakes. Go and gice the test.
Day 60: Go for a ride after giving the test.

Santa Clara, California was my DMV center. Many claim that it is the hardest to crack, many have failed in the past but they never tried it in DU style. The formula always works.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Gaadi Hanko

This is my last post for Kabir project. This month May 2009, has been one of the best months of my life and i wanted to end this Kabir project with it. Gaadi Hanko has got a very interesting story. I first heard it when Devenderji played it before a concert at NSIT in 2005. It was too good. In 2006, we invited Rita Ganguliji at NSIT and requested her to sing this song. It was one of my best concerts at NSIT. And then in Blore, while working i remembered this song and i searched for this one online. And thats how ui found Prahlad Singh Tipaniya and his art. The thirst was always there, and we (me including NSIT volunteers) were always behind Devenderji to give us that recording. And then its 2009, in April Manish and others were able to get the recording. Mesmerized by the reecording once again, i ordered the complete Kabir vani from and loved all the three cds. In May 2009, I attended Tipaniya sahab and co in a live concert in San Francisco. At the concert i got a books containing lyrics of Bhajans with meanings. Thats when i decided that all this should be online. So, enjoy Gaadi Hanko, the sarangi is awesome in this one. The starting dohe in Tipaniya sahab's rendition are so beautiful.

धीरे धीरे रे मना, धीरे सब कुछ होए
माली सींचे सौ घड़ा, ऋतू आये फल होए

Slowly, slowly oh my mind
Slowly, everything happens
The gardener pours 100 water pots
The season arrives and the fruits come

एक साधे तो सब सधे,सब साधे एक जाये
माली सींचे मूल को, तो फूल फल अघाए
Do one thing well, and all is done
Try to do all and you loose the one
When the gardener waters the root
The tree bears the fruits and flowers.

ज़रा हलके गाड़ी हांको
मेरे राम गाड़ी वाले
ज़रा धीरे धीरे गाड़ी हांको
मेरे राम गाड़ी वाले

गाड़ी हमारी रंग रंगीली
पईया है लाल गुलाबी
हैंकन वाली छैल छबीली
बैठन वाला राम

गाड़ी अटकी रेट में
मज़ल पड़ी है दूर
धर्मी अधर्मी पार उतर गया
पापी चकना चूर

देस देस का वेड बुलाया
लाया जड़ी और बूटी
जड़ी बूटी काम न आई
जद राम के घर की टूटी

चार जना मिल मतों उठायो
बांधी काठ की घोड़ी
ले जा के मरघट पे रखिया
फूंक दीनी जैसे होली

बिलक बिलक कर तिरिया रोवे
बिछड़ गयी रे मेरी जोड़ी
कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
जिन जोड़ी उन तोड़ी

Move your cart along lightly
my Ram is riding
Move your cart along lightly
my Ram is riding

My cart is many colored
with wheels of rosy red
A lovely lady is holding the reins
and sitting back is Ram

The cart got mired in mud
the destination still far away
The good ones got across
the bad ones crashed!

Healers came from every land
bringing their herbs and roots
The herbs were useless
Ram had left the house

Four fellows came to carry the stretcher
They tied to up the wooden horse
They carried it to the burning ground
and blew it up, like Holi!

The wife sobs and weeps
my partner is taken away!
Kabir says, listen Sadhus
the one who joins
is the one who breaks!