Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life in Oct 24- Dec 4

There are good times and there are bad times. And then there are times when you wonder is it a good time or a bad time? Things could have been worse or things could have been better. What happened in the last 40 days or so?

Came back from a trip from New york. Visited Philadelphia, Washington DC. Showed Manhattan etc to my parents including empire state building, statue of liberty, natural history museum, times square, wall street. Quite impressed by Washington DC. Saw white house, capitol hill building, botanical garden, library of congress (from inside), memorials, washington memorial, natural history museum, hope diamond :). Good fun trip. Lots of places seen. Lots of distance traveled. Good weather, little cold. Good food. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Finished graphic novel - Persepolis while on my way to NY. Good fun read. Nice visualization. But didn't came out to be that great!

Finished watching the anime on netflix - Seirei no moribito (Guardian of the sacred spirit) Liked it a lot. Loved the story, screenplay, characters and the ending. Apparently it is a part of a manga series. Hoping that there are more too.
As a sidenote - i have watched a very few anime series but selectivity has paid a lot. So far, i have been impressed by all of them. My anime list includes Death node, full metal alchemist and now moribito.

Movies -
With camera cinema club : Rabbit hole . Again a very good movie. Camera cinema club is just awesome. A couple having lost their son is dealing with the grief and its their story. Played by Nicole kidman and Aaron Eckhart. Like it when mainstream actors do independent movies. Both of them are quite good.
Inside job - A closed look at what brought the global final meltdown. A very nicely made documentary.

Halloween was well celebrated at office. See previous posts. First time did pumpkin carving. Thanks to Christine!

Dentist appointments - One tooth extracted. More work in coming weeks. Need to take care of remaining. Random method to choose dentist has worked nicely.

Things not so good at workplace with people leaving and company divided etc etc. Gosh! i wonder how we managed to screw it all up. Tough times ahead.