Sunday, December 30, 2007

Places visited near atlanta

Today i visited the Ruby falls.
Its in Tennessee state, a drive of 125 miles from atlanta. I visited there with amit bhaiya, bhabhi and sweet annika. Ruby falls claims to be the highest underground waterfalls. It was kind of like visiting some coal mine :)

Next we went to the Rock city. Its a park made out of rocks. They have made a nice trekking path between these rocks with lots of interesting things like caves, hanging bridges etc. This was really interesting and creative.

Yesterday i had visited the world of coca cola. Its a good place to visit for once. I got to taste 65 different varieties of coke, of that afte 30 odd drinks, i got tired. and boy! some of them were like medicine. Classic is the best :). I also had my first experience of a 4D theatre. 4D=3D movie + real effects like chair jerks and vibrates, smoke and water comes to you. Nice experience!

I also visited the CNN center yesterday. It was not that good ..okay okay. During the tour, we see the working of the actual newsroom through glass windows. Some employees were playing games, browsing net etc. Isnt it scary!! as if they are in a zoo :). If someone comes and watches me work, i will never be able to work. I guess thats the effect of media and marketing anything and everything :)

Before that i had visited the beautiful city of Helen, a nice picnic spot about 60 miles from atlanta. Subhas Tayaji, Tayiji , udit bhaiya, achin, Vishrut bhaiya, bhabhi and havishkrit were also there with me. I went there sometime in september and the weather was beautiful. We visited the Anna Ruby falls and the local market. Apart from that, we had our lunch in a serene location with trees all around us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

trilogy of aha!

Day before yesterday, yesterday and today.
I have watched three movies, 3 dramas and all were too good!

I start with Central do Brasil(Central station). Direceted by Walter Salles, this story, movie is what i would want to write, direct or see in its many forms. This is not a review of the movie but lessons that should be learnt from the movie, not lessons of life but lessons of the art of movie making, art of story telling. So lets start:
1. The opening scene is classic. Its humorous, introduces one central character completely and the covers some arbit ideas but does so beautifully.
2. The role of truck driver is ideal. I am sure many who watch this movie would want to be that man. This is what movie telling is all about, you show characters that people want to be. And it seems so correct that he leaves.
3. The idea of taking the road. I got this point from Walter's interview. He says that the road represents the uncertainties of life, you never know whats going to come next, or how you will reach your destination and everytime there is this fear that what if we are stranded on this one passes by. The road represents the insecurity, the lack of control that we have on our lives and this part is beautifully depicted. And as in life, in the road journey, the characters face highs and lows, miracles and disappointments.
4. Test the audience: One character believes that the father will be back and other doesnt. One optimistic and one practical, experienced. This is the premise that if it is there in the movie, its going to be classic. (e.g. Before Sunset). The audience itself is divided, some believe and some dont. And do you know the best part, he doesnt answer the question....the ending as in before sunrise is again open. Thats brilliance. sheer brilliance.
5. Powerful background score.... it is another character in the movie.
6. Change in a character as one can see in Dora. Thats one of the essential things in any script and this film is filled with it.

This film lost to Life is beautiful in oscars but i think they should have given 2 oscars. This movie is also as brilliant.

My second movie was:Atonement.
Directed by Joe Wright
This movie explores another important aspect of story aka the dilemma. She made a mistake, a grave mistake and that led to loss of 2 lives. But she looked for atonement but she didnt found any. Is any mistake that bad? People are confused...they naturally sympathize with the victims but as movie progresses, one empathizes with the sister as well and thats when the movie strikes at its best. You agree in both sides..some questions have no answers. This is the premise...some questions have no answers. Moreover, that scene of war depiction near sea shore, camera going on continuously for 10 mins...thats too good cinematography. Keira Knightley is way very beautiful too!

Third movie: And your mother too. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron.
With this movie, i have seen all the movies made by alfonso and i have loved each one of them. Which one i love most, i cant say but each one has alfonso stamped on it. Firstly this movie is very bold with lots of nudity, sex and dope. But the last 15 mins take the movie to a totally different level. I am yet to fully understand the complete meaning but at the moment i will just say, it strikes you at the end that everything had a significance. Moreover the characters change, mature. Lastly Gael Garcia Bernal, his acting is good but his movie selection is excellent, i have loved all movies which cast him.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Does God exist

I dont want to go into the run of the mill debate on this topic. For people who believes that there is no debate on this topic, i kindly refer them to this wiki link.

Rather, I just googled "god exists"
and came across this link :

Now firstly i make no claims about the validity, correctness about the article nor do i wish to substantiate the authority of the author on the subject. But what interested me was the fifth point in the article and particularly the following text:

"To be honest, I also had another motive. As I challenged those who believed in God, I was deeply curious to see if they could convince me otherwise. Part of my quest was to become free from the question of God."

I completely agree on this point. I am forever interested if the believers can convince me otherwise. I do not believe that i can do the vice versa i.e. prove the believers that they are wrong. Its impossible because its a belief and you can make some one believe but you cant make someone disbelieve (stupid argument, but it works ), because thats the basic idea of a belief (its axiomtic otherwise it will be a fact), therefore it is self-resursive if you can see. So the only way to come out of recursion is that it has to come from inside, the return call has to be inside the function, from outside it is just an infinite loop. But it would be great if they can do so and convince me that i am wrong because mine is a incremental interactive function which modifies as per the inputs given to it. And moreover this changing attitude is also considered as a negative point.

I see all this very differently. Firstly, i do not wish to represent all the atheists. I see all my beliefs or disbeliefs as my own and things that i have to sought it out myself. But i see that believer always happen in groups. I have never seen a procession carried by non-believers but there have been plenty from the other side.

While writing, i observe i have again deviated from the main point. That point mentioned in the article is taken against me and i do not see any justification. What follows in that article is total gibberish (to me ofcourse). But isnt it good that we have taken a stand and viewing this belief critically. I like the idea that i am questioning this belief. There is a trick here. If i say i do not believe that 2+2=4, then it means that i believe that 2+2 is not equal to 4. but when i say that i do not believe in the existence of God, it does not mean that i believe that God does not exist. It merely says that i do not believe in the existence of God. The algebra of logic does not work here. And thats what my stand is on the whole issue.
To make a formal stand, assume a finite state machine with only 3 states - A ,B and C. A has one self loop and and arrow to B. I am currently at A i.e. i do not believe in existence of God. By assuming this questionable attitude, it can only lead me to B i.e. i believe. But it can never take me to the state C which says that I refute the existence of God. I come up with this fancy theoretical models because i like to do such idiotic things and there is no other pleasure. To a reader i am almost sure, it appears stupid and i dont disagree with you.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I once....

I once read about a man who had learnt the meaning of life and everything just by listening to the river. He was a ferryman by profession and was deeply peaceful and happy. (the ferryman in siddartha)

I once read about a man who had hypothesized that if he can understand the complexity of one wave, all attributes, characteristics of one single wave before the wave strikes the shore and dies..if he can just understand this then he believed he can understand everything. (Mr Palomar by Italo Calvino)

I once read about a woman who liked to bake cakes. She believed that different varieties of cakes, different sizes, tastes, ingredients, recipes was just like life. She was very happy with this and she always wanted others to eat the cake. She believed that while making it she knew how exactly it would taste. (Eat cake unknown)

I once thought about a man who believed that if he can help just one person, if he can bring difference in the life of any one person, he will die happily. That was his life's motto and that was he lived for. (After watching Central do Brasil)

I once met a man who was satisfied with his life. He never complained. People believed that he was not ambitious but i think he knew his ambitions better than others. He is still living happily now and people around him still live with heavy hearts and still call him unambitious. (Cant be disclosed)

I once listened to a man who told me that he savored everything for the fleeting moment and the next instant he had forgotten the past as he was immersed in enjoying the moment. This way he had no worries about future and no sorrow of past. It was present and he was enjoying it. ( Retellings a play i saw at RangaShankara)

I once read about a man who had vowed to speak the truth and follow the right throughout his life. He lived with this forever his life until one day lord himself asked him to speak one lie for the betterment of others. And he obeyed the lord and spoke the only single lie of his life. For this, he had to spend some time in hell after his death. I always wonder why lord gave him such a command. (Yudhisthir in Mahabharatha)

I once knew a man who believed that there is nothing wrong in being materialistic as long as you speak truth. As long as you practice the right, use you judgment wisely and understand and learn from your mistakes, you are entitled to enjoy this life. (Cant be disclosed)

I once read about a girl who cared for everybody in her house. She did all the house chores, worked for everyone else but she never complained. She did all this silently, happily and she lived her life peacefully. She died young. If there is a god then he couldnt have lived without her
. (Beth in Little women)

central do brasil!

amazing soundtrack

Saturday, December 22, 2007

When whisky became juice

This is again an attempt to think on a high without being high! My actual aim is to write a psychedelic song but that would take some time. So here it is a conversation between a drunkard and the bartender.

When whisky became juice.

give me more!
gimme more! said the drunkard
why? asked the bartender.
because she left.
who she? your wife?
why would my wife leave me? ain't i handsome?
oh yes! you are. then who left?
the woman sitting next to me.
was she your girlfriend?
she could have been my girlfriend!

give me more!
gimme more!
because its cold outside.
but you are here inside.
I can see cold through the window.
No, you cant see. you can only feel the cold.
No,no,no. Drink this bottle and you shall also see it.

give me more!
gimme more!
i ask why not?
because you are already drunk.
am I?
yes, you are.
If i am, then why will i ask for more?

give me more!
gimme more!
because i need strength.
strength! this does not gives you strength!
yes it does! I have asked my doctor!
oh really! what did he say?
fruit juices keep the body healthy and fit.

Sunday, December 16, 2007



yeh dikhawat ka karobaar, yeh har cheez ka tolna
shaadi ki ahmaiyat ko, party ke jor se molna
yeh shopping ke listein, yeh zevaron ka design,
woh ek dukaan se doosre dukaan mein ghoomna
ek taraf ladki ke jaane ka gam,
doosri aur bank balance hota hai kam
chinta har waqt satane lagti hai,
shadi jaisa pavitra utsav bhi,  ab ek pareshani lagti hai.

hum kaafi aage nikal aaye hain
dehej ko ab nahin hain maante
lena dena toh ab ek pratha hai,
bhala yeh bhi koi bolne ki aavshyakta hai,
unkahe shabd kehet vaqyon se bade hote hain
ladki waale inke matlab hi boojhte rehte hain
saaksharta kisi kaam na aati,
padhe likhe naujavanon se bhi mana nahin ki jaati,
ladki bhi apne baap se aankhein milate hue hai katrati,
zara socho us pita ki laachari,
jeevan bhar ki mehnet bhi use ab kam lagti hai,
parakram poorn zindagi bhi ab asafal  lagti hai.

arey! tum toh bhool hi gaye,shaadi ka lutf kya hota hai
woh neeche gol banake sabka baithna,
chai peete peete thahake marana,
woh nani se mummy ki sharatein sunna,
woh bua ka seene mein jake lipatna,
woh chote bachhon ka gaddon pe ludakna,
har choti choti rasmon ka nibhana
woh har peher koi nach gaana
har ek ki aankhon pe chamak, chehre pe muskaan.
woh choton ko pyar dena aur badon ko samman!

arey! tum toh do gali chodd ke rehne wale
apni dost ke beti ke shaadi mein na ja sake,
ek din daftar se jaldi ghar na aa sake,
bahane hazaar soche,
milne ka ek khayal na soch sake.
tumhare intezaar mein ab bhi koi raha dekhta hai,
andar hi andar, ummeed se aansuon ko badthta hai
tunhare bina har mehfil sooni lagti hai
lakhon rupyon ki yeh shadi bhi ab adhoori lagti hai.

Friday, December 14, 2007


What a morning!
I completed the serial Ghalib.
Naseeruddin shah plays Ghalib, Jagjit Singh and Chitra has sung the ghazals, directed by gulzar and all other actors in the serial are best of what indian cinema is. Every episode has atleast one complete ghazal. If ghalib is singing the ghazal, camera just focuses on his face and naseer's face is enough to understand the beauty of words even if you cant understand them. Although ghalib's life was tragic but still gulzar has creatively managed to highlight this point but at the same time, he has kept the emphasis on his ghazals,poetry and sher. Naseer is too good in ghalib's portrayal. Jagjit Singh's voice adds makes you feel the pain.

I wonder why such serials are not made anymore. There will always be people who will admire such efforts. Admirers may be silent but surely will remember such efforts. And for others, this will surely be another option. People of my generation were lucky to know about serials such as malgudi days,mahabharath, Ramayan. My parents generation grew up with classics like nukkad and i dont know other names. But generation coming after me do not even know that serials can be so down to earth, realistic and still be beautiful. As i dont know of many names of past, coming generation will never know who R.K. Lakshman was. When i was a child, sunday mornings were eagerly awaited. Jungle book was a treat followed by Mahabharatha. The famous song "Ek Chidiya" was a delight to hear every time and still is. My only point is that i still got a glimpse of such serials and still remember what a beauty they were. I do not deny that today's serials are bad,well some of them are, but i don't see any attempts to show those episodes again. Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon has changed the whole world! Children watch animations of Hanuman and Ramanyan, which is good as atleast something is better than nothing, but most of the stuff is trash. I still believe that a channel showing Mahabharatha again will still attract TRPs.

Harry Potter is good, no doubt about it, but one must also experience Enid Blyton while growing up. Thinking about books starts a complete new debate inside me. I myself have not read so many books which were a common talk in previous generations. But by luck atleast i know some of them. I would like someone to come forward and share such information.
Anyways, there are hundreds of things to write when i think about it. As ghalib says Hazaaroon khwaishein aisi.....

This wiki link is a good resource to know more about him.

Who am I?

Who am I?
I am battling
a war destined to be lost.
I will get smaller,
might loose my intensity
You can distort me
I may fall repeatedly
may even look dead

But I will come back
the moment you stop your attack
back as good as i was
with full zest, unmarred
like nothing ever happened

But eventually, I have to fade out
not by you, my attacker
but because I cant out-live my life
Life predefined, time pre-allocated

But its a promise,
As long as i live
Time wont make me old
your blows wont disfigure me

Who am I?
I am just a candle!
You are the wind, my attacker
My life is the wax.


2 comments before you read the following poem:

1. It is not very good but that does not mean that i should not write it. It only means that you should not read it.
2. I went to the modern art museum in Delhi and noticed that some of the paintings were titled 'untitled' and indeed i was unable to figure out what was the intent or idea of the artist behind that painting. Well, now you know why the poem is titled so.

I was walking back home,
when i met an old man at a red light intersection
we walked together,
same pace,conscious of each other,
untill the next right light,
where he then kept his hand on my shoulder,
and lifted his other hand slowly,
pointing to a man,
sleeping on the side pavement,
clothes worn-out; footwear non-existent
mouth open, flies on his clothes.

There's a difference in sleep,
when you sleep deep after you are exhausted,
and when you sleep after you are defeated,
Same body language, same grimace,
Reality is far away, vivid dreams.
To a watcher, its the same,
but there's a difference.

As i watched that sleeping man,
more by the old man's arm on my shoulder,
than by the sleeping man,
the old man came close to me,
with trembling lips, moist eyes, he whispered,
'This is America'.
Light turned green and we parted ways.

Into The West

Sung by Annie Lennox.


Some great songs that i have listened over past 2 months

Khoya khoya chand : Title song of sudhir mishra's new movie. Music composed by Shantanu moitra.

Seene mein jalan (Thanks to justin for sending the link)
Sung by Suresh Wadekar from the movie gaman.
seene mein jalan  aankhon mein tufaan saa kyon hain ?
is shahar mein har shaks pareshaan saa kyon hain ?

dil hain to, dhadakane kaa bahaanaa koee dhoondhe
patthar kee tarah beheesa-o-bejaan saa kyon hain ?

tanahaee kee ye kaunasee, manzil hain rafeekon
taa-hadd-ye-najar yek bayaabaan saa kyon hain ?

kyaa koee nayee baat najar aatee hain hum me
aaeenaa humei dekh ke hairaan saa kyon hain ?
Doors: This is the end.
what a song!

Jahan chaar yaar : Forgot about this song completely until a few days back.
This classic from sharabi always lightens my mood!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reporting post exam!

I am back, lots to write...
sems got over yday and boy! what a sem it has been!
While the sem was on, especially when exams were nearing, my mind starts working and definitely who ever said "
An idle mind is the devil's workshop" knew nothing about an occupied mind which is doing what it is not supposed to do. That's a devil's workshop and you can even call it his hometown where he resides permanently. When you are supposed to study for your exams and when you know for sure that the syllabus can not be finished, but with all this understanding what do you do, poems, listen songs, research about artists, discuss software jobs in himalayas, read nirmal shekhar's articles. But all have been a delight to read,rant and listen. So this post is dedicated to some of the random things that i have done which i should not have done.

Justin sent me these two poems which he came across while studying for CAT.

Poet 1:
I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations...
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you... And I am I.
And if by chance, we find each other...
It's beautiful.
If not, it can't be helped.

Poet 2:
If I just do my thing and you do yours.
We stand in danger of losing each other, and ourselves.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations;
But I am in this world to confirm you
As a unique human being.
And to be confirmed by you.
We are fully ourselves only in relation to each other;
The I detached from Thou disintegrates.
I do not find you by chance;
I find you by an active life
Of reaching out.
Rather than passively letting things happen to me,
I can act intentionally to make them happen.
I must begin within myself, true;
But I must not end with myself:
The truth begins with two.

and 2.

From a passage from IMS material:

"What is killing humanity today is not the lack of wonders, but that of wonder."

Gursharan gave this link to an interesting video:

I was the main culprit since i started this thread of conversation by posting the following song:

I Am A Patriot (and the river opens for the righteous)
Steven Van Zandt (Blue Midnight Music, 1983)

And the river opens for the righteous, someday

I was walking with my brother
And he wondered what was on my mind
I said what I believe in my soul
It ain't what I see with my eyes
And we can't turn our backs this time

I am a patriot and I love my country
Because my country is all I know
I want to be with my family
With people who understand me
I got nowhere else to go
I am a patriot

And the river opens for the righteous, someday

I was talking with my sister
She looked so fine
I said baby what's on your mind
She said I want to run like the lion
Released from the cages
Released from the rages
Burning in my heart tonight

I am a patriot and I love my country
Because my country is all I know

And I ain't no communist, and I ain't no capitalist
And I ain't no socialist
and I sure ain't no imperialist
And I ain't no democrat
And I ain't no republican either
And I only know one party
and its name is freedom
I am a patriot

And the river opens for the righteous, someday

Here's a you tube link:

To which aman added the following lines, which i thought were quite good

I was chatting with myself
yesterday in bed
and wondered why
I don't sleep anymore.
Why that silent night,
outside the window
seemed like an abyss
so dark and deep
that there was no echo.
Then when I got
a glimpse of the moon
who yesterday would
have shone over home
seen by my people
prayed by my people.

I cried aloud
without any voice
I sighed aloud
without any choice.
To sleep to death
where i woke up to life
Is all I want...
Because I belong.
I belong to my country.
I am a patriot. :)

i will write about more songs in coming posts

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