Saturday, February 9, 2013

One day

A day will come,
believe me,
when you will be tried,
in front of a judge

a crime that you didn't commit,
a sentiment that you didn't believe in,
a thought that you had not expressed,
an identity that is your opposite,
a face that is not you,
a voice that is not yours.

All in the name of,
national interest, for a nation of hypocrites,
collective conscience, a conscience which sleeps in a coffin,
public good, while you wonder who is this public.

Alas for when you are executed,
they will say,
Better late than never,
whatever happens, happens for good,
truth has prevailed,
justice has been served.

For every finger that is pointed at you,
One day,
There will be fingers pointing to that finger
and so on....
A day will come,
believe me.
One day.