Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Sept 14, 2010
I turned 25.25 today :)
Celebrating 25 was old school, the new gen celebrates 25.25 :)
Quite an accomplishment!

So what should i blog about, i guess things that i would like to do before 30.

1. Go on a 1 - 3 month long hiking in mountains.

2. Run a marathon. (If all goes well, i will be running a half by Oct 3)

3. Weigh 160 p0unds.

4. Work for an NGO for 6 months.

5. Be jobless for 6 months. It may overlap with #4.

6. Be back in India.

7. Have a indian classical music library. (physical library)

8. Know how to make rasogulla and other indian sweets at home. Want to be an expert in that.

9. Have biked 2000 kms/miles.

10. Made more plans ;)

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