Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life in Sept 2 - Oct 21, 2012

Sometimes blog writing can be such a big chore. You want to write it, you have all the material, head is urging to empty the contents yet the final act of sitting and writing becomes so elusive.  But, today is the day. So here it goes -

Concerts -
~As part of Bangalore Kidney Foundation's Dhwani concert, i attended Sarod performance by Sh. Shiraz Ali Khan followed by vocal recital by Dr. Prabha Atre. I must have attended a classical concert after 3 years, so i liked the feel. Dr. Prabha Atre's performance at the ago of 80 was mind blowing.
 ~Attended OktoberFest's Day 2 and saw performances by Agam, Demonic Resurrection, Carlton and Friends and finally Indian Ocean. Overheard bands such as One night stand and some band from Chennai. Agam was a discovery, liked their fusion of classical music, violin and drums. Indian Ocean was a disappointment as it was too short. But i got the Khajhoor road CD there and it has been playing in my car since that night.

Books -
~ As part of Fantasy course: Ursula LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness, Cory Doctorow's Little Brother,  Burrough's A Princess of Mars and Gilman's Herland.  Also, i goofed up on Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. Instead i ordered/read the graphic novel on the book by Dennis Calero.
~ Churning the Earth - It was partially read as part of the Oct BPIBC meetup. Need some more time to finish it and write a proper review.
~ The Odyssey by Homer.

Movies -
Good ones - 
~Watched Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2 again at home
~ English Vinglish.
~ Animal Kingdom
~ Once upon a time in Anatolia (I have no idea why it is considered good, it was very difficult to sit through this one)
~ The Jon Stewart vs Bill O Reilly Rumble 2012 debate.  Awesome! 

Bad ones -
~ Killing them softly.

Courses -
~ Finished Fantasy and Science Fiction. Taught by Dr. Eric Rabkin (UMich)
~ Finished Introduction to Sustainability. Taught by Dr. Jonathan Tomkin (UIUC)
~ Currently taking Greek and Roman Mythology. Taught by Dr. Peter Struck. (UPenn)

And other interesting things ....
~ Ran KTM Half Marathon in 3 hr 15 mins. Bad timing but glad that i finished it. It was a very dehydrating experience.
~ The Ugly Indians - Now i am a certified BSNL pillar spotfixer and a certified Foothpath Discovery Spotfixer. Arranging for its raw materials by going to hardware store was also an interesting experience. Samosas at the end of work were also awesome :)
~ Went to Chennai for OFC thingy.
~ Attended 100 poets for Change at Atta Galatta. An evening where both amateur and professional poets came and read their own works or works of greatest. Very enjoyable. Loved the works of amateurs. Came back with a more ignited spirit.
~ Home composting is going strong.