Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life in May 21-Aug 21

Sometimes, so much time gap creeps in that it takes the shape of fear. This is exactly what has happened to me . On top of it there is some artificial sense of judicious use of time which prohibits any leakage in activities such as blog writing. So, miscalculated it is. That, what we had mistook to be the fear was actually the true calling. That was the inner voice asking for a peace of mind.

Now that a little philosophical gyan is done, i am going to write a bunch of things that has happened in last 3 months. Events happen in no particular order. A few of them may be expanded to more blog posts. If not, they will live here as part of my documentary.

~ Left job @ WalmartLabs. May 31 was the last day. Got an excellent farewell from office colleagues. Farewell included some great books, movies, music cds and a comic strip titled "Andhi maa, vidwaa behen" and a book on learning Kannada. Baked a coffee cake for them. Had a fantastic outing in which we saw the movie XMen followed by dinner at Sphagetti. At dinner, i was grilled with everyone sharing an anecdote of how i have troubled them.

~ Started Startup. Pretty much all lack of blog writing can be attributed to this endeavor.  Excellent ride so far. Good fun, learning, ups, downs and everything else.

~ Roka - Met Kanishka. Met her again and then several times again and then spoke many more times and SMSed more than that and Whatsapped thousands of times. Finally, we stopped for each other (Roka) on Aug 17. Happiness!

~Hampta Pass Trek. This should be a blog post. Third trek with IndiaHikes. Great views, great weather. Walked on snow. Slided on snow and while sliding, even did rolled on it. 14200 ft was the max elevation. First trek with Kanishka, great experience!

~Chandigarh: Had only a few hrs which were spent at Gandhi Bhawan, Panjab university, Rock garden and Sukhna lake. Followed by a frantic search of a canon shop as my camera gave up.

~Manali: Tree house cottage was excellent. Visited Naggar which has a nice Roerich art gallery, a castle, a temple and Jana waterfalls. Had excellent local food. Also, Hadimba temple, hot springs at Vashishta, shopping at Mall road. Horrible bus rides.

~ Ranchi: Roka ceremony. Shopping. Visited a lake with Kamal and Aarti and did a boat ride.Made gol gappe, trikoni halwa. Short trip but hectic.

~Mumbai: Went there to met Kanishka's elder sister. Watched Nebraska at their place. Went to Chowpatti, walks long the ocean, Gateway of India, Marine drive, Prithvi theater, Juhu beach, Bandra. Met Vivek at a nice organic cafe.

~Reread Siddhartha.

~The World before her. A documentary. (4.5/5) Loved it. A contrast of fashion industry to hindu fundamentalists camp for women. Very well made.

~ Katiyabaaz - (4/5)A documentary on power theft and struggles in Kanpur. Short but very nicely made. Has great background score (Rahul Ram and Amit Kilam)

~Rewatched -
Chunking Express

~Saw Udaan. Excellent soundtrack. Unbeatable. Movie was good. 3.5/5

~How to train your Dragon 2. Okayish time pass. 3/5

~Read A walk to Remember. First novel of romantic genre for me. Young adult genre. Formulae novel with okay writing. Will not recommend though.

~Back to back movies - Begin Again(3/5) and Dawn of the planet of the apes (3/5) Both interesting in their own ways.

~Chef (3/5) Decent film.

~ Startup Dash - Participated in Startup dash and won the competition. Good experience.

~Physiotherapist sessions for neck pains.

~ Khata transfer done for this place. The other place is still pending. The other place went for rent.