Monday, July 4, 2011

Ponyo - Now 7 months old

Ponyo is about 7 months old. Ponyo who ?
Ponyo is my fish who was almost understood to be dead when she arrived at my house. But it was only found out later that she was just lazy to move.
Here are some pics of Ponyo

From Ponyo

From Ponyo

Ponyo is doing ok now. She moves a lot more than she used to. I on my part have tried to make her life as interesting as fish-ily possible as can be done for a lone pet in a small aquarium. I constantly change her spots in my living room. Currently she is near the television so that she can also enjoy the cool HBO movies :) Previously, she has stayed near my computer, near my kitchen (to enjoy the aroma of my cooking) and near the couch (so that she can watch and learn on how to relax). I have also tried out a different bowl for her aquarium, it was round one. There was no feedback on whether she liked it or not. But i will try the experiment again soon.

She is still afraid as a fish when it comes to changing her tank water. I do that roughly once every two weeks and i wonder when she will get used to it. She has shown no signs of recognition to me. One she and i went to a eye staring contest, the one who blinked first will loose, it was i who had to give up.

Consumers of democracy


The kids grow up

Audio movie review of the film - The kids grow up.

Going back

[[Ok, whew!! Finally. I had recorded some commentary on my mobile phone. It took me a lot of time to upload it to blogger. These files were recorded in .amr format, so i tried finding players to play .amr but they were hard to get. So, i got an .amr to mp3 converter. Then storing them online is also a pain as blogger does not offer any such service. So, i got a account and lastly, embedding it -- has a right click option on the file. Anyways, here it is.]]

This is a audio podcast on Going back to home, rather Going back to India recorded on June 19. It is a quite auto-biographical. One thing that i find it interesting is how different i sound. The sound is so different when i hear myself and when i hear over the recording, makes me laugh