Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Jhini Jhini

My personal Kabir project is nearing its end. And i have saved my earliest memories for the last. Jhini Jhini was the first Kabir song that i heard, this was the first song that got me fascinated. I dont think i grasped its full meaning back then and i dont think that i still do it completely but nevertheless, whatever i understand, its beautiful. I heard this song when it came in Indian Ocean's album Jhini. Kabir songs are by no means limited to classical music, Prahlad Sinh Tipaniya happily acknowledges that he is not a classical singer, And Pt. Kumar Gandharva is at the other end. Somewhere orthogonal to both is pop/fusion and Indian Ocean has done a great job as per my opinion. I am also giving you a rendition by Anup Jalota, i found his rendition today morning and liked it. Anup Jalota's voice has that charismatic simplicity that makes it quite melodious.

म्हारी सदा राम रस बिनी
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी

अष्ट कमल दल चरखा चले, पांच तत्व. गुण तीनी
कर्म की पूनी कान्तं बैठी, कुकरी सूरत महिनी
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी , झीनी झीनी झीनी

इंगला पिंगला ताना कीन्हों सुखमनिया भर दीनी
नौ दस मॉस बितान लागा, ठीक थक कर बीनी
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी, झीनी झीनी झीनी

या चादर धोबी के दीन्ही, शब्द ताल धर दीनी
सूरत शिला पर पकड़ पचाती, इस विध उजली किन्ही
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी, झीनी झीनी झीनी

या चादर रंगरेज़ के दीन्ही भांत भांत रंग दीन्ही
प्रेम पति का रंग चढाया, पिली पीताम्बर कीन्ही
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी, झीनी झीनी झीनी

या चादर सुर नर मुनि ओढी, ओढ़ के मैली कीन्ही
अर्जुन ओढ़ महरम नहीं जाना, मूरख मैली कीन्ही
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी, झीनी झीनी झीनी

ध्रुव ओढी, प्रहलाद ने ओढी, सुखदेव निर्मल कीन्ही
दास कबीर ने जुगत से ओढी, ज्यों की त्यों धर दीन्ही
चादर झीनी रंग झीनी, झीनी झीनी झीनी

Forever weaving with Ram's essence
Subtle cloth of subtle color

The spinning wheel turns 8 lotuses
5 elements, 3 qualities
Actions are the ball of cotton
woven into skeins of fine awareness

Right channel, left channel, warp and weft
Then they fill the middle channel
Nine or ten months go by
It was woven just right

The cloth went to washerman
He dipped it in the pool of Words
He beat it on the stone
of awareness and made it shine

The cloth went to the dyer
who dyed it many colors
He dyed it the color of love
And made it golden

Gods, humans, sages wore it
covered with spots and blots
Arjun wore it without insight
so that fool got it dirty too

Dhruv, Prahlad and Sukhdev wore it
and made it stainless
Kabir wore it with such care
He shed it as pure when he first got it.

May ends

May 29, as today's Sun goes down, it takes away the last working day of May.
And so ends my one month of unshaven face. I lost the contest, well to an opponent who had made a lot of investment (time) in his beard, so no hard feelings. Moreover, this whole thing was an experiment on me, how long can i take it. And ofcourse an excuse to not shave for a month. Hostel days! Paradise!

But even though it was merely 30 days, i would say that it was a decent amount of time. Let me document the phases of my one month beard life. First three days went without any notice. Day 5-7 were little bit awkward. Urge was to quit, rationalizing questions on why, what and wtf were raised and ignored. The itch started from day 9 or 10 onwards. Sharp pointy hair, pulled down by gravity were like thorns against skin. Constant desire to go and wash face, constant dryness etc marked the middle phase. Itch grows stronger by each day. It is around day 20, one can feel/see the hair without looking at the mirror. And some strange feeling comes into mind. Something is hanging off me, like i am a plant, i can feel the tension in my facial hair, standing on my face. The itch is strongest at this point because it starts to affect both physically and mentally. This phase lasts for about 3 days and after mind accepts its fate. But the best period starts after day 25, where you dont feel anything. My beard becomes a part of me, the sharpness is gone, its soft like a grass on a lawn, like a kashmere rug :). And then comes day 30 where i say good bye to a nice social experiment. Thanks to those who had to bear my sight!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

aaj subah, bas man kiya kuch likhne ka, kuch shabdon ki thi awaaz. 5 min mein, jo aaya man mein woh chaap diya :)

बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

कुछ मेरे भी सिद्वांत थे
मेरे भी कुछ ख्वाब थे
मैंने भी कुछ वादे किये थे
मेरे भी कुछ उद्देश्य थे
बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

कुछ थी मेरी आकांक्षा
कुछ थी उसकी उम्मीदें
कुछ थे मेरे फैसले
और कुछ थी मेरी मजबूरी
बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

मेरी थी वो इक सोच
मेरी थी वो इक तमन्ना
मेरा था इक रास्ता
बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

कुछ थे मेरे साथी
कुछ थे मेरे हमसफ़र
कई ने समझाया मुझको
बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ

बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ
जो पीछे देखूं तो एक सच हुआ ख्वाब
जो पीछें देखूं तो एक सम्पूर्ण कार्य
जो आगे देखूं तो अब और क्या
जो आगे देखूं तो कहाँ जाऊं

बस आज अब कुछ ऐसे मोड़ पे खड़ा हूँ
जो पीछे देखूं तो अक अधूरा सपना
जो पीछे देखूं तो एक अजब निराशा
जो आगे देखूं तो एक और मंजिल
जो आगे देखूं तो एक नया रास्ता

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Bina bhed bahar mat bhatko

The followin Kabir vani is sung by Kaluram Bamnia. The central idea is that dont look outside yourself, all the answers are within you. Kaluram Bamnia is again a Malwa singer with his own distinct style of singing Kabir bhajans.

बिना भेद बहार मत भटको
बहार भटक्या है कांई
अडसठ तीरथ यहाँ बता दूं
कर दर्शन थारा देह मांही

पावों में तेरे पदम विराजे
पिंडल में भागवत याहीं
गोडे में गोरख का वासा
हिल रहा दुनिया मांही

जांगो में जगदीश विराजे
कमर केदारनाथ हैं यांही
देही में देवी का वासा
अखंड ज्योत जलती वांही

हाथ बने हस्तिनापुर नगरी
ऊँगली बनी पाँचों पांडव
सीने में हनुमान विराजे
लड़ने से डरता नहीं

सुख बना तेरा मक्का मदीना
नासिक की है दरगाह यांही
कान बने कनकापुर नगरी
सत वचन सुन ले यांही

नेत्र बने तेरे चंदा सूरज
देख रहा दुनिया मांही
कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
लख्या लेख मिटता नहीं

Why wander without insight?
Why wander outside?
I will tell you 68 holy places here
see the divine in your body.

Lotuses rest on your feet
Gods in your body
Gprakh yogi in your knes
With you walks this world!

In your thighs dwells lord Jagdish
In your waist is kedarnath
Your body is the home of devi
Thats where the eternal light burns

Your hands are Hastinapur city
Your fingers, the five pandavas
Lord Hanuman lies in your heart
Not afraid of any battle

Your mouth is Mecca Madina
Your nose the sufi shrine
Your ears form the Kanakpur city
Listen to the true words here.

Your eyes are the Sun and moon
Glimpse the world within
Says Kabir, listen sadhus
What is seen can not be erased.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Ud jayega

This one is very very addictive. Not only the lyrics are great, it is sung by Pt. Kumar Gandharva whose voice is plain beautiful. Still feeling thirsty after listening hundred times.

उड़ जायेगा उड़ जायेगा
उड़ जायेगा हंस अकेला
जग दर्शन का मेला

जैसे पात गिरे तरुवर पे
मिलना बहुत दुहेला
ना जाने किधर गिरेगा
ना जानूं किधर गिरेगा
गगया पवन का रेला

जब होवे उमर पूरी
जब छूटे गा हुकुम हुज़ूरी
यम् के दूत बड़े मज़बूत
यम् से पडा झमेला

दास कबीर हर के गुण गावे
वाह हर को पारण पावे
गुरु की करनी गुरु जायेगा
चेले की करनी चेला

The swan will fly, the swan will fly
The swan will fly away alone
Spectacle of world will be mere fair

As the leaf falls from the tree
Very difficult to find,
Who knows where it will fall
Once it is struck with a gust of wind

When Life span is complete
Then listening, following orders will be over
The messengers of yama are very strong
You will have to face Yama

Servant Kabit praises the lord
He will find the lord soon
Guru will go according to his doings
The disciple according to his

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Jaao Nuguri kaaya

जाओ नुगुरी काया, थारो कई गुण गावां ,
अरे हां हां रे
कई गुण गावां, अब थारो जस गावां ?
महेल बनाया हंसा, रहवा नहीं पाया,
अरे हां हां रे

काटी लेना घास, बाँध लेना टटिया,
अरे हां हां रे
सोना हंधा महल, रूपा हंधा खम्बा
कठ को गयो इन्ही नगरी को राजा,
अरे हां हां रे

बालू की भीत , अटारी का चड़ना,
अरे हां हां रे
ओछे से प्रीत, कटारी का मरना

गादी गलीचा थारा धर्य रे महल में,
अरे हां हां रे
एक दिन जलेगा काया लकड़ी का संग में

कहें कबीर साहेब जुग जुग जीवना,
अरे हां हां रे
इन ममता के मार भस्म कर पीवना

Go now, foolish body, without a guru
What praises can i sing of you?
What glory can i sing of you?
You built a palace swan, But couldn't live there
Oh yes, oh yes!

You cut the grass, wove the walls,
Oh yes, Oh yes!
A palace of gold, with beautiful pillars
But where did the king of this palace go?
Oh yes, Oh yes!

Walls of sand, with a balcony overhead
Oh yes, Oh yes!
You loved the small(worthless)
like dying from a small weapon,
Oh yes, Oh yes!

Beds, carpets, strewn in your palace
Oh yes, Oh yes!
The body will burn one day
on a pile of wood, Oh yes, Oh yes!

Kabir says if you want to live for ages,
Oh yes, Oh yes!
Then burn all your attachments
Oh yes, Oh yes!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

May - the good news month

May 2009 may just be a good news month. There has been positive things happening everywhere.

Congress won elections. Manmohan Singh becomes PM again. Congress two way strategy, one which fights the politics and one which runs the country looks is very interesting, probably some iim/harvard dude should take it up as a case study. Over in Sri Lanka, the LTTE is down. It is interesting that while SL was doing this operation, the whole media was full of reports to stop this carnage, stop killing innocent lives etc etc. But now that they have claimed victory, everyone is quiet. And with our friendly neighbors in Pakistan, they also seem to have been reasonably successful in driving off Taliban, atleast the realization is coming into them.

In personal life, i was given an award in my workplace for a team player. On bike to work day, i won a lucky draw giving me 50$ of theatre tickets. And then sous kitchen ( a company that gives partially cooked food to cook at home for people who do not have time), sous kitchen came to our office to give a demo and there again i won the lucky draw giving me a big meal packet.
(Funny ways in America - they have bike to work day where they encourage everyone to come to work on bike for just one day, they have Earth hours/ Earth day where they ask everyone to keep electricity off for one hour. Is this a successful way to increase awareness?)

And then yesterday, i saw Gilchrist's carnage to Delhi Daredevils. My strategy to watch only the semis and final is paying me very well. Gilchrist's innings was just a pleasure. Like Gandalf coming with the horses with the first ray of the Sun and trampling Saruman's army. On the other hand, keeping McGrath on the bench for a complete series is like Mahabharatha with Krishna asked to watch it from outside. (Bad example !) And today, my favorite team - Bangalore is through to the final. I have a feeling that Blore may just go all the way this time for the simple reason that no one has been extraordinary from Blore in the tournament, it is just their sheer team spirit that has made all the difference. And ofcourse the God - Anil Kumble is leading them.

Sometimes when too many things go right, one wonders, is this a bait in the game of chess?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Tu ka tu

There are many texts that say that God is everywhere. But there is no one who explains this deep line to a lay man as Kabir does.

सब घट मोरा साइयां, सूनी सेज ना कोय
बलिहारी वा घट की जा घट परघट होय

In every body, there is my lord
No vessel is empty
I reveal that body
which reveals the lord

साहिब तमारी साहिबी सब घट रही समाए
ज्यों मेंहदी के पात में लाली लखी नहीं जाए
O God your godliness
Pervades every body
Like the red unseen
In the green Henna leaf.

इनका भेद बता मेरे अवधू
अच्छी करनी कर ले तू
डाली फूल जगत के माही
जहाँ देखा वहां तू का तू

हाथी में हाथी बन बैठो
चींटी में हैं छोटो तू
होय महावत ऊपर बैठे
हांकन वाला तू का तू

चोरों के संग चोरी करता
बदमाशों में भेड़ो तू
चोरी करके तू भग जावे
पकड़ने वाला तू का तू

दाता के संग दाता बन जावे
भिखारी में भेड़ों तू
मंग्तो होकर मांगन लागे
देने वाला तू का तू

नर नारी में एक विराजे
दो दुनिया में दिसे क्यूँ
बालक होकर रोवन लागे
रखन वाला तू का तू

जल थल जीव में तू ही विराजे
जहाँ देखूं वहां तू का तू
कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
गुरु मिला हैं ज्यों का त्यों

Do you get the difference, o wise one!
You should always do good deeds
In flowers, branches, in this whole world
wherever i look, i see you only you.

In an elephant, you become an elephant
In an ant, there is little you
As Mahavat, you sit on top
the driver is you only you

With thieves you become a thief
You are in scoundrels too
You are the one who robs and runs
The cop who nabs is you only you.

With givers you become a giver
You are among the paupers too!
As a beggar you go begging
The donor too is you only you!

In man and woman only one resides
Who in this world could call them two
As a child, you start to cry
The keeper is you only you

In Water, Earth, Life you are present
Wherever i look, you only you!
Kabir says, listen sadhoos
I have found a guru, as is, where is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kehet Kabir, Suno bhai sadho - Kahan se aaya, kahan jaoge

Although all of Kabir songs are quite deep and spiritual, but this one tops them all. I can not find the meaning of the very first doha. But other than that, the song is complete.

सब आया एक ही घाट से, उतरा एक ही बाट
बीच में दुविधा पड़ गयी , हो गए बारह बाट
Everyone came from one place
and took the same road
Half way along, you fell into doubt
and it became twelve roads

घाटे पानी सब भरे, अवघट भरे न कोय
अवघट घाट कबीर का, भरे सो निर्मल होए
Everyone draws water from river banks
No one draws where there is no bank
No bank is like the bank of Kabir
The one who draws there, he becomes pure.

कहाँ से आया कहाँ जाओगे
खबर करो अपने तन की
कोई सदगुरु मिले तो भेद बतावें
खुल जावे अंतर खिड़की

हिन्दू मुस्लिम दोनों भुलाने
खटपट मांय रिया अटकी
जोगी जंगम शेख सवेरा
लालच मांय रिया भटकी

काज़ी बैठा कुरान बांचे
ज़मीन जोर वो करी चटकी
हर दम साहेब नहीं पहचाना
पकड़ा मुर्गी ले पटकी

बहार बैठा ध्यान लगावे
भीतर सुरता रही अटकी
बहार बंदा, भीतर गन्दा
मन मैल मछली गटकी

माला मुद्रा तिलक छापा
तीरथ बरत में रिया भटकी
गावे बजावे लोक रिझावे
खबर नहीं अपने तन की

बिना विवेक से गीता बांचे
चेतन को लगी नहीं चटकी
कहें कबीर सुनो भाई साधो
आवागमन में रिया भटकी

Where are you coming from?
Where are you going to?
Get the news from your body
If you find a true guru,
he will tell you the difference
Then your inner window will open

Hindus, Muslims both deluded
Stuck in always fighting
Yogis, wandering jains, sheikhs
all lost in greed

The Kazi reads the Quran
And then grabs someone's land
Can't see the lord in every breath
takes a hen and smashes it.

Outwardly he meditates,
Inside his thoughts are stuck
Outside saintly, inside filthy
mind tainted, he swallows a fish.

With garlands, money, tilaks,
He is lost in pilgrimages
Goes to villages, entertains the world
But has no concern for his own body

Unthinking he reads the Gita
But it fails to brush his thoughts
Kabir says, listen sadhus,
people are lost in coming and going.
(coming and going refers to daily attachments -
job, money etc, failing to see the inevitability
that everything has to go one day)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Akla mat chodjo

This one is very interesting because i was able to understand the lyrics and its meaning without any help. The starting dohe are very well said and then the bhajan is just too good!

ऊँचे महल चुनावते, करते होड्रम होड्र
ते मंदिर खली पड़े , सब गए पलक में छोड़

You built huge palaces, scrambled and ran about
The temples are empty now
Everyone left in a second.

आया है सब जायेगा राजा रंक फ़कीर
कोई सिंहासन चढ़ चले, कोई बंधे ज़ंजीर

All who come will come, be it king, pauper or fakir
Those perched on throws will go
Those tied in shackles too

एकला मत छोड़जो बंजारा रे
परदेस का है मामला खोटा हो जाना रे
दूर देस का है मामला टेढा हो जाना रे

अपना साहब जी ने
बंगला बनायो बंजारा रे
ऊपर रखियो झरोखा
झान्क्या करो प्यारा रे

अपना साहब जी ने
बाग लगायो बंजारा रे
फूलां भरी है छाबड़ी
पाया करो प्यारा रे

अपना साहब जी ने
कुआँ खानायो बंजारा रे
गहरा भरया नीर वां
नहाया करो प्यारा रे

कहें कबीर धर्मदास से बंजारा रे
सत अमरापुर पावीया
सौदा करो प्यारा रे

Dont leave me alone,
o traveler, o wandering traveler
It is a matter of foreign lands, it could get tricky
It is a matter of faraway lands, it could get false
o traveler, o wandering traveler

(Now luring the traveler to stay, see how kabir does it)
Our master built a bungalow here
He built a lattice window on top
Enjoy the view, my dear one!
o traveler, o wandering traveler

Our master planted a garden
The basket is full of flowers
String a garland here, my dear one!
o traveler, o wandering traveler

Our master dug a well
He filled it deep with water
Take a bath there, my dear one!
O traveler, o wandering traveler

Kabir says to Dharamdas,
o traveler, o wandering traveler,
Strike that bargain which
takes you to the city of truth

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kehet Kabir, Suni bhai sadho - Ajab Sheher mein

Its been a long time i have been blabbing about my love with Kabir. Here is my first community work. Ajab sheher mein sung by Prahlad Singh Tipaniya and party.
Ajab shaher mein is one of my favourite Kabir songs. Tipaniya sahab, in his usual style starts the song by couple of kabir dohe.

ह्रदय मांही आरसी , और मुख देखा नाहीं जाए
मुख तोह तब ही देखियो जब दिल की दुविधा जाए

Within the heart, there is a mirror, but cant see the face
You will only see the face when, doubt goes away from heart

वास्तु कहाँ ढूंढें कहाँ , कई विधि आवे हाथ
वास्तु ठिकाने पाईये , जब भेदी लीन्हा साथ

Where are you searching?
which technique will get it to your hands?
You will find what you seek
when you take the wise one along!

भेदी लीन्हा साथ में वास्तु दीन्ही लखाए
कोटि जनम का पंथ था, वहां पल में पहुंचा जाये
You took a wise one along,
She showed you where it lay
A path that would have taken million births
You got there in a second

रंग महेल में अजब शहर में
आजा रे हंसा भाई
निर्गुण राजा पे सिरगुन सेज बिछाई

अरे हाँ रे भाई, उना देवलिया में देव नाहीं
झालर कूटे गरज कैसी ?

अरे हाँ रे भाई, बेहद की तो गम नाहीं
नुगुरा से सेन कैसी ?

अरे हाँ रे भाई,अमृत प्याला भर पाओ
भाईला से भ्रांत कैसी ?

अरे हाँ रे भाई, कहें कबीर विचार
सेन माहीं सेन मिली

In your colorful palace, your wondrous city
Come, my swan brother,
A lovely cover spreads over the formless king

Oh , yes, my brother
there is no God in that temple
So whats the point
in beating the going?

Ah yes, my brother,
there is no road to the limitless
What sign will you show
to one without a guru?

Ah yes, my brother
share freely your cup of nectar
Why keep it from your friends?

Ah yes, my friends
Kabir says think about it
find the sign
in the sign!!
(meaning - you can only see the sign - stop asking others to help you)

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: Thanks to the Kabir project for releasing the translation. Thanks to the for releasing the Kabir vani album. I have taken the liberty to post them on this blog with the only intention of sharing the beauty of words and music

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hamas vs fatah

Last week i finished reading the book Hamas vs Fatah - The struggle for Palestine by Jonathan Schanzer(Amazon link)

For a person who had no idea what is going on in middle east (which is kind of sad), this book was a history lesson written in a way that makes history interesting to read. Without going into the emotional side of the war, this book states facts, covers the historical ground for events. It states what happened, how it happened, why it happened and its consequences. One good thing about this book is its non-linear structure. It would take a topic and start describing its current scheme, and then will go back in history tracing its roots, build the story from its origin to present, juggling time and details. This makes it more interesting to read, provides more context. I wonder what historians think about giving facts in non-linear fashion.

Overall, it is a very good and informative book, i would recommend it to everyone. And now coming to middle east problem, i dont think you can have a successful Islamic country which is divided by land by Israel. It didnt work for Pakistan, it will not work there as well. And i do not think that there could be any peaceful solution either. I know it is a very strong thing to say but for people who are just bent on killing without any thought on what are they actually aiming for, there is no way to negotiate. I think the only solution would be to ask civillians to rise up and start a non-violent process against the radicals. No foreign country can start this, it has to come from inside Palestine. Untill that comes, the only solution is a military one. My ideas are generally very unbalanced when it comes to these questions. I think i need to read/think more before reaching any conclusions.

The road

Just finished reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The wiki link is here:

As a general principle, i do not like to read apocalyptic books nor do i like to watch such movies. Simple because that they are depressing and sometimes too harsh (although realistic). But i had to break the line sometime and i am glad i did it with Road. I saw blindness in December and i was shocked. I want to read that novel now but i need more strength. But thats how it got started. One of my friends had recommended The road strongly and it was in my reading list for a long time. And today, i have finished it.

The best part about the Road is the dialogue between the man and his son. Short lines, to the point and even though they have fear in them, they are full of hope and love. The very fact that they have a dialogue is a symbol that they are loving each other. There are some very shocking scenes described in the book. One good part about reading very harsh scenes is that you can stop visualizing them after they become too string in your mind, but this you can not do so while watching in a movie because it is right in front of you and it will be late before you close your eyes. It happened with me while watching blindness and i can see that it will happen again when the road movie comes out. Overall, the road is a tale that should be read, and we should remember its good parts and forget about the rest. My only concern while reading/watching these kind of books/movies is that the ending has to be optimistic. If the ending is negative or even open, i can not find solace and the thought haunts me. I think those who paint the apocalyptic picture understand this and so far, i have always found the ending to meet my expectations, they are always hopeful and positive.

The road movie is going to come in October this year and it has Viggo Mortesen as the man and going by his Aragorn performance, he seems just right for that role. Although the trailer is out and it lacks the spirit of the book, i hope the movie is better.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

First interview

Date : May 8, 2009, time 11:00 am Pacific.

I took an interview for the first time. It was only 6 months ago that i was giving interviews. Time is moving, i have to catch up.

Anyways today i have confirmed one theory of mine- Almost all interviewers are morons :) And almost all interviewees are Red Foreman's favorite word :)

Just kidding, good fun to interview knowing that you are not on the line. Good responsibility too!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life in Mar 22 - May 1

May 1 is known as labour's day. So i am celebrating today as it is my day :)

So my life like a wife has started to complain to me - You dont spend time with me anymore.

miyan ghalib, is dard ki dawa kya hai? kahan hai?

I labored most of the time at work but it was fun. My life again interrupts me - Work , work, work - you do not think of anything else.

So to appease my life (read wife), here is else i have done -

Became a big big fan of Rabindra Nath Tagore especially his book crescent moon. If you are reading this and ever want to give a gift to me, do not search further. Nonetheless, it will in my collection in my next India trip. But the book is a must read. Still in awe. I have read about 60% and am not continuing it as i am still in awe. Great things take time to sink in.

Kabir - It began with Gautam mentioning Kabir film in Berkley. It hit me while listening to Pt. Kumar Gandharva singinig Kabir bhajans, went to its pinnancle when i bought the Kabir vani from featuring Tipaniya sahab (who btw is performing in bay area on monday). Read one book on Kabir. The list now contains A weaver named kabir.

Watched Wrestler by Daron Arfonsky. Loved Marissa Tomei's performance ( no second meanings please). There is a scene when our wrestler is forced to take a blue collar job and on his first day at work, before he enters, we see him standing at the door and the music in background is of crowds cheering as if he is going to a fighting ring. Loved that scene!

Watched The scent of green papaya by Anh Hun Tian (who made vertical ray of Sun). There is a flavor in his movies which is very difficult to find elsewhere. Simple, fresh and moving.

Read couple of poems from The Kingdom of Ordinary time by Marie Howe. Good stuff.

Three Theban plays by Sophocles. One less thing to do in life now :)

Average/bad movies - Duplicity, 24 season 7, wolverine, doubt etc.

And yes, cleared DMV written test, filed taxes.

mera yaar aur chaturveni

Mera yaar

बड़े दिनों बाद आज मेरा यार मुझसे आया मिलने
बरान्दे में बैठ कर मैं बस उसको देखता ही रहा
चाय की गर्मी, पकोडों का स्वाद और उसकी मीठी आवाज़
इस बार गर्मी ने तंग ही कर दिया था


क्या बात है! क्या बात है!
मेरे मन को पढ़ लिया मेरे यार ने
बस अब तू गाये चल और मैं नाचता चलूँ
डर है मुझे कहीं इस रेडियो की बैटरी न चली जाए


आ गया मेरे यार आज फिर से
अबे रोज़ रोज़ तो परेशान मत किया कर
कम से कम दस्तक दे के आया कर
हर सवेरे खिड़की पे अपनी शकल ले के आ जाता है

ऐसा भी क्या रूठा बैठा है , यार मेरा
घंटे भर से याद कर रहा हूँ
चार प्याले चाय हो गयी तेरी इंतज़ार में
कागज़ अभी भी कोरा है, और सिहाही वहीँ की वहीँ


Inspired from Gulzaar's Triveni.

my dream company

Today, My current employer (name withheld because this blog is public) got an inch closer (well more than an inch) closer to being my dream company. Wondering why?
To commemorate the last M month of 2009, they are organizing a full facial hair olympiad in the style of the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Link :

There are two contest going on, known as
Clean slate : where everyone shaves on may 1st and then for the whole month, no shaving is allowed. Contestants will be judged on May 31 by a panel of judges.
Grizzly adams: On May 31, you can decorate your beard and mustache in any way that you want to.

An excuse to not shave for an entire month - wow! I can not let go of this opportunity. So i am in the Clean slate category.

Jhalla corp rules!!!!

PS: Check out the world olympiad participants here : Click on the categories there and enjoy!!