Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flight plan - SF to delhi

Total duration: 27 hrs
SF - Seoul - Singapore - Delhi.

In that 27 hrs, i slept for about 4 hrs, watched three movies and read 650 pages of "The girl who played with Fire" and read 10 pages of my law book. Here are more details -

Movies -
Ghost writer: Polanksi's much hyped movie was a decent viewing experience with good acting. There is one interesting twist at the end but it can be seen long before. Overall an okay movie.

: An italian movie based on the life of Gulio . I was pleasantly suprised by the movie and found it to be very interesting. A true political drama always captures my interest and this one was no different. It was a history lesson told in a cinematic style.

- Average movie. Kind of expected. I think hollywood was trying to cash on Taken style movie. Typical hollywood movie.

Books -
The girl who played with fire. I have finished the book now. It is the second book by Stieg Larrson in his millenium trilogy. Two weeks back, i watched the movie based on the first book and i liked it. It was a very good suspense fiction that i had seen after a long time. I had been meaning to read such masala fiction book for a long time but couldn't find out which one. At SF sirport, i just picked this one and boy! what a page turner this one was. It is similar in style to the first book and i am now waiting to see its movie adaptation. Nicely written with good plots. Its good to see the same characters coming back and adding another layer of the story

Law books - only 10 pages. Difficult to concentrate on the plane.

Haha - who is laughing at the end?

Life should be interesting. If it is not, it should be made interesting. I did that to myself. Here is the scoop -
I had booked via Singapore airlines to visit India. My itinerary was San Francisco to Seoul , Seoul to Singapore and Singapore to New Delhi. The arrival time at New Delhi was 5:20 am. It was a Friday. Since it would be a weekend after that, i also went and scheduled my visa appointment on the same day. US embassy does not allow you to choose a time, so they assigned 9:45 am to me. So, yes i had to make sure that i do not miss any flight and all flights are on time and then land at 5:20 and make sure that i am at visa office within 4 hrs with all documents needed.
If anything goes wrong, everyone would say - why did you do this? But if all goes right, then buhahaha, i will be laughing.

As i said life should be interesting and here i am .... laughing hahahaha :)

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