Monday, January 24, 2011

The non-adventures of Ponyo

I have a pet fish now - Ponyo.
I got it as part of white elephant gift exchange at office. Its great to have a fish at home.

The non-adventures of Ponyo -

Yes, you read it right, these are non-adventures of Ponyo. I don't know what it is but Ponyo likes to have a very lazy and relaxed lifestyle. For the first 36 hrs of its arrival at my home, as soon as we shifted her to the small aquarium, it was thought to be dead. Yes, it lied without moving for day and a half and we were thinking that may be we should get a new one. It was good that we were lazy in throwing her off, otherwise we were quite confident that she was dead. Yet after two days, as if she was taking a long sleep after a strenuous journey, she woke up and started moving.

Yet, she is Ponyo and she is exactly as her owner (me) - a very lazy fish. It always prefers to lay still at one position and moves very rarely. This is totally contrary to the fish in the movie Ponyo after which i named her. In the movie, Ponyo was seen running on waves. Aah, running! my Ponyo wants a couch and access to television :)

Last week, we were trying to change the water of her aquarium. While shifting her back from a tumbler, for some reason she got excited and jumped from my net. She jumped inside the kitchen drawer where all spoons are kept. I shrieked, totally lost my control and quickly put her back in aquarium with my hands. Not a nice experience at all. Since then she is more terrified of me.

More of her non-adventures will be posted as we get to know her better :)

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