Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life in Dec4 - Feb 4th

Happy new year to my life. Welcome to the latest and greatest of me, myself and I. Two months, the longest and the shortest, just like the previous ones. Here were the headlines -

Mummy and papa visited US. Great time, lots of travel, fun travel (See travelogue earlier) and good food, home cooked food. No matter how many times i see the food in making, i can never reproduce it. But overall, one of the best months in US.

Contributed money to NPR. No more guilt in enjoying free radio commentary :)

Started preparing for full marathon.

Started knitting my rug. Needles the size of cricket wicket, come see me on thursday at DSRC, MV.

Bought my bike today. It will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Watched a palindrome play - Ouroboros
A very interesting play - very innovative. Think about it - how can you make a palindrome - the forward being a comedy and reverse being a tragedy. Renegade theatre group - has done a great job in realizing this idea. Quite bold. But once you get the palindrome structure, the rest of the play is average, a lot could have been done. But still, it is quite good. Next season (2011 season) of renegade is also quite interesting - apparently they specialize in alternative theatre.

Ponyo my fish has started to enjoy my company. I think she has wisely looked at all her alternatives (which were none excluding me) and has finally compromised.

Work from Dec to Jan was good, hectic, none, fresh, easy, slacky, busy and then super hectic.

Movies - True Grit, Black swan, kings speech, Rabbit hole.

Tv -shows - Got bugged by Law and order - Criminal intent. Very impressed Vincent D'onfario's character. New season of hustle is quite good and so is House. Stewart and Colbert continue to impress.

Books - sadly, need to get back to them. Too many to read. Started on The Imperfectionists.

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