Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hunger games trilogy

It was Robert Yau who tweeted a link of the Hunger games trailer that told me about this book series by Suzanne Collins. And this is alsy my first Kindle read. It was Barbara who suggested that this book is a nice way to get familiarized with Kindle. Both of them were right. Hunger games trilogy is one of those again masala page turner flicks where you dont have to read between the lines.

Its amazing that my India trip coincides with these trilogies, In the last one i finished the The girl with ... series and this time it was Hunger games. While the concept of Hunger games is new to me (having not seen Battle royale),  the writing is as direct as i have ever read. Suzanne Collins writing just pushes the plot forward. There is very little description of the surroundings, of the scenery and very little character development. Everything that is written is written if it helps the plot. While this may be exciting to some, it just becomes too direct and it feels that you are reading a children fiction instead of an adult one.  But this does not mean that i am against her plot developments. I think she has a very keen knack on how to push the plot forward and thats what makes one read the trilogy at a non-stop pace.   It takes averae about 7 hrs to finish each book and thats why it doesnt hurt to read it. Among the three, i found mockingjay to be the most weird. While keeping Katniss out of action may be a more practical idea, in terms of reading it, it is very boring. The ending with Coin is too cliched. Haymitch is one of the more interesting characters and it is sad that he doesnt get more time in the book. The love triangle is not that great and it is one of the bigger disappointments.

The review above may have more criticisms yet i read the trilogy. This is because Hunger games is like the action flicks such as the fast and furious series. You know its crap but there is still some fun in watching them.  After reading Hunger games, there is a serious need to read something more intelligent and having read the Song of ice and fire series so far, Hunger games feels very much for young teens.

The Kindle experience was quite good. Unexpected as i thought that i would never be able to get around the physical books but kindle is actually very well done. Having read one book on my ipad which was a vad experience, i thought that e-reading is not for me. But kindle's light weight and nice intuitive page turners are a delight.  The font and screen size was not a problem at all.

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