Sunday, January 1, 2012

Movies - Dec 2011

A series of average/horrible movies characterized the month of december. Several were watched on the flight from SFO to DEL. Since Nov was hectic, there was a desire to watch mindless movies and that can be seen by the list below.
Mission Impossible 4  - Good action, better story/screenplay than MI2/3. But the ending is far fetched.
Dus tola - Good movie. Manjoj Bajoayi is very good. Brings back the local village feel.
Boondock saints II - Very similar to the Boondock Saints 1 in terms of style, writing and direction. But little weak story . Willem Dafoe in 1 was absolutely brilliant and his touch is missing from this flick.
Colombiana Mindless movie. Decent action.
Ra-one Horrible.
overheard HonkKong flick with wire tapping, spying and all elements of a good thriller is present but too much is tried in one movie resulting in a bollywood style story yet direction is good enough to keep it taut.
overheard 2 Same as 1.

Need to improve the selection going forward.

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