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Volunteering at VVEducation

VVEducation -

Somebody at my workplace sent an email that volunteers were needed to build a fence for this NGO - VV Education. I was anyways of thinking for going for a hike on Saturday, so i decided that hike and building a fence will give similar workout but building a fence out in the open would be a unique experience and in the process, atleast some good will come out of it.

From VVEducation (Viva verde) volunteering

VVEducation is a small NGO that offers 2-3 day summer-camp like activities for school children from under-privileged schools. These kids who study in and around bay area, who live 50 miles away from ocean and in California which has such abundant natural beauty have never been to a beach, have never seen a redwood forest and have never been on a summer camp. VVEducation gives them an opportunity to do so in this completely natural setting near Half Moon Way with hills in the background, was serenity just being there.  VVEducation - the website has more details. 

From VVEducation (Viva verde) volunteering

So, overall for me it was just awesome. It was work, some rigorous work and lots of fun and happiness. There were about 15 volunteers, all from different backgrounds and we were here just to build this fence for kids whom we would never meet or never know. Being a sw. engineer and also by being lazy ( i like to believe that both go hand in hand), i have never done proper mechanical work before.... i want to do mechanical work, plough farms, do carpentry, and build fences :) . With the help of this gentleman, he guided me on how to use tools, how to use lever etc etc.. I took out nails, dug holes, screwed in nails, used axe-saw, rolled wire....all in a day. The whole thing was organized very well and being totally a DIY (Do it Yourself)  job, there were instructions on how to plant a fence.

VVEducation is doing a great job and i appreciate them for doing it. It has not been easy for them but they are very passionate about their work. Their reward is the smile on children's faces when they see the ocean for first time, when they draw milk from goats or just arrive there.

From VVEducation (Viva verde) volunteering

I also met this person there who is a organic farmer near HMB again.... she learnt this was a 6 month course at UC Santa cruz .... checked out that course and it looks very fascintating.  

From VVEducation (Viva verde) volunteering

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VVEducation (Viva verde) volunteering

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