Thursday, April 26, 2012

Indian indie music

The last post with a tag of songs is dated late November last year. This does not mean that music has been lacking. In order to justify, here is a post dedicated solely to music, awesome music that i have been listening -

1. Swarthama - I have attended two of their concerts so far. Both of them have been awesome. Their songs have a mix of strong message and a diversity of instruments all under a reasonably melodious tune to make it come together. Their concerts are very lively and entertaining. My fav songs so far are Pyaasi, Khul ja re, Aaj ki taaza fikr, Bhoomi and devotional atyachar. Devotional atyachar is one of the best spoof names that i have seen recently. Here is pyaasi's video -

2. Depths of the ocean - This solo album by Shusmit Sen (of Indian ocean fame) has quite melodious songs. My favourite is called City Lights which also features Shubha Mudgal. Here is a small preview -

3. Gulaal - Well Gulaal's music was a recent discovery. Gulaal's music captures the angst, the helplessness and the sense of revolution all at the same time. Piyush Mishra's voice suits the mood very well. There are two songs that just blew me away - Duniya and Raat ke musafir. Duniya is a new take on the classic Guru Dutt song which also features the famous line - "Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye toh kya hai?" Piyush Mishra's take is refreshingly different and brings a new interpretation altogether  -

Raat ke Musafir is sung by Rahul Ram(Again indian ocean fame) . The lyrics are so depressing that had it  not been the slow singing of Rahul, upon just reading them, i would have never liked to read them again. But the slow singing with pauses in between brings some sort of humanity to the song. Lyrics even though they are depressing are very well written.

4. I got the new album by Rabbi, Rabbi III listened to it for some time but need to listen more before commenting on it.

5. Going to a concert tonight by Laal, a Pakistani band. So in order to get a feel, started listening to them and so far they are quite good, atleast in terms of choosing their songs. THey mostly sing political songs written by poets et al. Here is a one of their songs -

6. And it seemed that i had not posted about the Indian ocean album - Khajoor road. It is a cult album, i like all the songs in it, best one being zindagi se darte ho. But these two are very close seconds -

And this one is -

Its amazing that sometimes the best things are never talked about here, it is just assumed that this is part of my life and does not need to be documented :)

Anyways, music spirit is very high these days!!!!

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