Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life in Mar 8 - Apr 8

Welcome to the latest and greatest of this month. If there is one to describe the last month gone by, it would be "explore".  Many many things to explore. Here are the highlights -

~ Bought my car. Its Hyundai i10 with automatic option and electric red in color. I never thought that i would ever buy a shining car but here it is now.

~Went to Veena Strores for idli today morning. Veena stores was rated #2 place for best idli in bangalore after Brahmin cafe. Brahmin cafe was visited with Nikesh when we came to Blore in Oct. Veena idli had a long queue in front and had to wait 20 mins before placing the order (Sunday morning!). The chutney and idli were really good.

~Visited places at Bangalore (Other than the cafe hopping blog post) -
-- Java city cafe - Very nice cafe on Lavelle road. Loved the coffee there.
-- The Biere club - Mainly a beer place but the food is good too. Nice ambience.
-- Indijoes - Well known for its sizzlers. Quite good but not great.
-- Fava Mediterranean food - Decent food, not close to the sunnyvale downtown one.
-- Food Hub - Not expensive place to to buy breads and other rare delicacies.

~ Movies:
Deool : The national award winner for this year's best film and actor. Liked the movie a lot. Nice satirical take on religion, globalization and morality. sums my thoughts quite nicely - "a movie every Indian should be proud of". Personally i think any movie on religion as a subject is quite a bold attempt. The fact that people still make that good regional films makes me very glad about India in general.

Gulaal: Yes, i have seen Gulaal now.
Thass: There are some movies which have a waiting time. I have the movie but i wait for the right mood to watch it. There are many such movies in my life. And then a fine day comes when it feels like that today is the day to watch this movie and life is as good as it can get. Or sometimes the desire to watch that movie grows so much that the wait is unbearable and it has to be seen at the earliest. Gulaal fell into the latter category, i had waited almost 6 months for it but after watching Rahul Ram video where he sings that song from Gulaal, it had to be seen.
Loved the movie especially the songs and acting from Piyush Mishra. I think Gulaal threw many surprises at me, almost every 5 mins, the movie took a turn that was not expected and the story was quite unique, especially the whole patriotic element in story, cant remember seeing this in any other Indian movie (but often in US series). And again music/score is a delight. It is a good watch.
Hunger games (review written)

~I have to write a post on many ecommerce sites that i have tried/explored in India. Loving the diversity and spirit of entrepreneurship here.

~ Saw IPL match live at Chinnaswamy stadium. It was Bangalore vs Delhi and Bangalore won. I am a strong Bangalore supporter and this season i am cheering for either Bangalore or Rajasthan(Rahul Dravid). I am totally an emotional guy when it comes to supporting a team, no matter whether the team is good or bad, i support them because of some reason that i like.  Watching the match live is a very different experience. Participated in a mexican wave at the stadium, quite excited to see it live.

~ Have joined Runner's high for running training now. Have registered for TCS 10K happening on May 27. Ran 8K yesterday, feels good to be back into running. Love living close to Cubbon park now.

~Went to Dr. Gideon's place to get my Terrarium and have asked him to make that awesome acacia lamp for me.

~Delhi trip: Went to Delhi over last weekend to visit Amit bhaiya. Quite a good family function. Also, met Aman, Nandini and Gurshi. Liked going to Hauz khas village. Visited Kunzum cafe (very highly recommended) and Yoda book store. Bought more books and cds. Have to finish up now. Hauz Khas village overall is a very nice thing to have happened, a collection of all local, little artsy, and unique shops. There is more to delhi than that meets the eye :)

~ Watched the play Good grief @Alliace de francaise. Didn't like people talking in two different accents and overall didn't like the play itself. But (a) Got a 1K coupon for a salon as a gift on lucky draw and (b) The cafe at Alliance de francaise is still awesome.

~ Watched the play Tango with Gurshi at Ranga shankara. Quite an interesting play, political subtext but played inside a family. Very different.  And yes, the RS cafe is also very good.

~Cooking: Made Thai green curry, Tabouli salad, Panna at home. More to try in cooking experiments.

~ Attended yet another Swathama concert with Divya at Hard rock cafe bangalore. Great concert! Big fan of swarathma now. Love the songs - Khul ja sim sim now. Need to buy their cd. A more detailed blog post on new music discoveries is also on the todo list.

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