Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kahat Kabi Suno bhai Sadho - Mat kar maya ko ahankar

फूल्या फाल्या क्या फिरे, क्या बतलावत  अंग?
अक दिन फना हो जायेगा जैसे कीट पतंग 

Why so arrogant and puffed up?, Why strut and show your stuff? 
One day you will perish, Like a moth in a flame!

जो उगे वो आथमे, फूले सो कुमलाये 
जो चूने सो डही पड़े , जन्मे सो मर जाये 

That which rises shall set , That which booms shall wither
That which is built shall crumble, That which is born shall die

मत कर माया को  अहंकार

Don't be deluded by Maaya

मत कर माया को  अहंकार , मत कर काया को अभिमान 
काया गार से काची, काया गार से काची,  जैसे ओस रा मोती 
झोंका पवन का लग जाये झपका पवन का लग जाए 
काया धूल हो  जासी 

ऐसा सख्त था महाराज, जिनका मुल्कों में राज 
जिन घर झूलता हाथी, जिन घर झूलता हाथी, जैसे ओस रा मोती 

भरया सिन्दड़ा में तेल, जहाँ रचयो है सब खेल
जल रही दिया की बाती, जल रही दिया की बाती,  जैसे ओस रा मोती 

खूट गया सिन्दड़ा रो तेल , बिखर गया सब निज खेल 
बुझ गया दिया का बाती,बुझ गया दिया का बाती, जैसे ओस रा मोती 

लाल में का लाल, तेरा कौन क्या हवाल 
जिनको जम ले जासी, जिनको जम ले जासी, जैसे ओस रा मोती 

झूठा माई थारो बाप झूठा सकल परिवार 
झूठा कूंटता  छाती,झूठा कूंटता  छाती,  जैसे ओस रा मोती 

बोल्या भवानी हो नाथ, गुरूजी ने सिर पर धरया हाथ 
जिनसे मुक्ति हो जासी, जिनसे मुक्ति हो जासी,  जैसे ओस रा मोती 

Don't be deluded by Maaya, don't take pride in the body 
Its as fragile as clay, like a drop of dew
A blast of wind, just a little gust
And the body will turn to dust!

There was a stern king, famed among nations
Elephants swayed in his court, Like a drop of dew

The clay lamp was filled with oil, 
From it this play unfurled
The light burns in the lamp, Like a drop of dew. 

The clay lamp ran out of oil, the play scattered
The light went out in the lamp, like a drop of dew

Oh you dear one, precious and beloved, how will you feel when Death takes you away?
Death will take you away , like a drop of dew

Mother father - illusion. Family ties - illusion
Mourning, beating your chest - illusion, 
like a drop of dew

Says Bhavani Nath - 
My guru laid his hand on my head
Liberation is mine, Like a drop of dew


prafulla joshi said...

Adbhut bhajan. What a subtle philosophy. Thanks for uploading lyrics. Keep uploading bhajan lyrics sothat we can save our rich heritage for d next generations. Many of Kabir's bhajan are going to be extinct. Please collect them and post it.
Again thanks for posting lyrics.

prafulla joshi said...

Ati sundar...

prafulla joshi said...

Ati sundar...

Piyush B said...

Subtle n classy lyrics. Thanks a ton for uploading lyrics alongwith simplified meaning.

Piyush B said...

Thanks a ton for uploading lyrics with simplified meaning. Very illuminating and refreshing..

Piyush B said...

Subtle n classy lyrics. Thanks a ton for uploading lyrics alongwith simplified meaning.

Abhishek Roy said...

It's wonderful.

Abhishek Roy said...

Its amazing. Lovely.splendid. mind blowing. Really I am speechless. Simply magical. Every words can change anybody. Jgd.

Jasraj Suthar said...

I searched for this song's lyrics so much. I found at your place in hindi and very beautifully explained. Thank You So much, Divinity! :)

Sandip said...

Excellent - meaningful lyrics.... I listen this in the voice of Vikram Hajra... devine...!!

ashutosh sharma said...

We all are puppets of god, came to play our role, some time we are hero, some time villen, other time side artist...... But the best part is our performance which matters in any role

Unknown said...

Very good

Rakesh said...

Thanks for lyrics and translation