Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kahat Kabir Suno bhai Sadho - Main vaari jaoon re

तू तू करता तुझ गया
मुझ में रही ना हूँ
वारा फेरी बलि गयी
जित देखूं तित तू

Saying You! You! I became yours, 
no 'I' was left in me
I quit spinning in circles, 
wherever i look, I see You

मैं लगा उस एक से, एक भया सब मांही
सब मेरा मैं सबन का, तहां दूसरा नाहीं

I merged into the One, the One permeated all
All are in me, I am in all, no Other is there

मैं वारी जाऊं रे I have given up myself
मैं वारी जाऊं रे , बलिहारी जाऊं रे
मेरा सतगुरु आंगन आया, मैं वारी जाऊं रे

सतगुरु आंगन आया, गंगा गोमती नहाया

मेरी निर्मल हो गयी काया, मैं वारी जाऊं रे...

सब सखी मिलकर हालो, केसर तिलक लगावो

घणे हेत सूं लेवो बधाई, मैं वारी जाऊं रे

सतगुरु दर्शन दीन्हा, भाग उदय ही कीन्हा

मेरा धरम भरम सब छीना, मैं वारी जाऊं रे

सत्संगी बन गयी भारी, मंगला गाऊं चारी

मेरी खुली ह्रदय की ताली, मैं वारी जाऊं रे

दास नारायण जस गायो, चरणों में सीस निमायो

मेरा सतगुरु पार उतारे, मैं वारी जाऊं रे 
I am in surrender, I lose my self
My true Guru enters my courtyard, I have given up myself

Wisdom enters my body, like a holy dip in Ganga Gomti
My body feels purified, I have given up myself

Friends, Lets get together ! Anoint the Guru with saffron
Lovingly celebrate her arrival, I have given up myself

My true Guru appeared, My good fortune dawned
False religion and delusions have fled, I have given up myself

I've become a committed songster, Singing these songs of wisdom
The locks in my heart have sprung open, I have given up myself

Narayan Das sings your praise, Lays his head at your feet
My true Guru gets me across, I have given up myself    

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Ram Bhatt said...

Thanks for complete lyrics of this beautiful bhajan. I found this song video helpful in learning to sing this bhajan:

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