Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Statistical Anomaly

The Statistical Anomaly

To the gang who keeps Church street clean,
day after day.
To the traffic policeman who was there at 6 am,
at that chaotic junction close to my office
To the guy who covered the three potholes
near my house,
To the auto driver who agreed to charge metered fare,
irrespective of my destination,
Take a bow, i salute you.
You are now a rare breed of people,
who work efficiently, with ownership and with dignity,
with pride.
But i hate to break this to you,
You are now a statistical anomaly.

To the one who held the trash in his hand,
until he found a trash bin.
To the one who controlled the pee pressure,
cause a public space ain't the place.
To the driver who drove on the left lane,
because he was slower than the rest.
To the commuter who got up from his seat,
on seeing that old man.
To everyone who refused to pay a bribe,
To anyone who refused to accept a bribe.
I know you know this but please listen
You did the right thing, you are a hero.
They said - "Everybody else is doing it! "
"Not me", you told everyone. 
There will not be any brave tales to tell your deeds,
no songs will be sung in your honor. 
But don't be bothered. 
I know it. You know it.
You are now a statistical anomaly.

To that dude who thought it was cool,
to jump a red light,
to talk inside a movie theater,
to come late to a concert,
to smoke weed,
to drink and drive. 
Grow up! 
You are a burden, you are a shame,
on me, my people and my culture.
You do not belong here, 
You are a statistical anomaly.

To the one who volunteered to mentor
a stranger's kid
To the teacher who teaches in a tribal area
by his own choice,
To those villagers who planted trees,
every time a girl was born,
To anyone who left his high paying job,
for doing what he believed in
To all those who ran a full marathon,
because you believed in a cause.
Kudos to you!
You are my inspiration, you are my hope.
I am glad you exist, even though
you are a statistical anomaly.

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