Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life In May 26 - July 21

Time surely flies fast when you are not looking. But it is also not clear where i was looking all the time :) With that note, here are the highlights -

~ Excellent news - Resumed running!! Ran 16K yesterday at Byalkere Peacock Reserve in rain. Awesome feeling! Preparing for HM at  KTM in September.

~ Birthday was celebrated by doing nothing or rather not celebrated this year. Went to see Man of Steel with team mates. so-so movie.

~ Did my first kite flying! went for kite flying with office colleagues, good fun although my kite flying fame lasted less than 2 minutes.

-- Finished India After Gandhi. Review here 
-- Finished Land of Seven Rivers: A brief History of India's Geography. Review coming soon!
-- Wolf hall not done yet :(

~ Went to Bird sanctuary with Harsh. Good leisurely walk on KTM trail... greenery made it pretty cool. Also stopped at Kamath Lokaruchi and Raasta cafe.

~ Plays : A walk in the woods. Awesome! Review here 

~ Went to TUI spotfixing opposite Koramangala McDonalds. Great experience. Now, the spot has completely changed.

~ Summer of design email course was a big #fail. Thankfully it was not from my end this time :)

~ Movies:
In Theatres:
Ship of Theseus (4.5/5)
Man of Steel (2.5/5)
Pacific Rim (2.5/5)
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2.5/5)
Star Trek2 (3/5)

On TV:
Jolly LLB (3/5 - Only because it is a legal drama : reviewer's bias)
Special 26: (2.5/5)

~ Restaurants:
Gastro Pub in Koramangala has bad food but good DJ
Love Shack in Indira Nagar had bad DJ and no food.
Cafe Thulp 's coffee is excelled and so is its food.
Raasta cafe has good ambience, decent food.

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