Monday, November 4, 2013

Life In : Sept 21 - Nov 4

A vey eventful time period with lots of very good things happening and finally a lot of closures as well.

~ Finished Modern and Post Modern philosophy course. Detailed report here

~ Goechala trek - My annual trek trip was another unique experience. Trek summary here

~ Movies -
Gravity : Saw it on Imax, Liked it a lot. 4/5
Lunch Box - 3.5/5  A good one, but with a predictable ending
World war Z - average. 2.5/5
Captain Phillips - 3/5

~ TV shows -
Watching new seasons of Person of Interest (going good) and White collar (not so good)

~ Books -
To The Lighthouse. By Virginia Woolf. Highly recommended
Fun Home. By Alison Bechdel. Very interesting.
And many more readings as part of the MPM course.
The Zen of Steve Jobs By Caleb Melby : A very short graphic novel on one part of Steve Jobs's life. ok-ok read.

~ Attended book launch of Gandhi before India by Ramachandra Guha. Guha was his usual self. The book is yet to be read.

~ New cafes/restaurants tried -
Coffee on Canvas at Koramangala. Good ambience and like the height of tables. Perfect for playing board games.
Leaping woods at Indiranagar. It is a cafe and a comics library. Good coffee and the decor is pretty interesting.
Chianti - Italian place in Koramangala. Bread was very good.
Cafe Terra - Nice breakfast place.

~Running: All set for Bangalore Ultra on 10th. Ran 25K alone on the streets of Koramangala.  Also volunteered for the water stops as part of our turn. Good experience.

~ At Ranchi now. This post is being written from Ranchi. Celebrated Diwali at home after about 10 years.  Good times!

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