Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life in Dec 18 - Feb 2

One has to change with the times and the change has to be evident when the year flips. This year started with a lethargy but it was fought on with equal fervor soon. Now, i am again in the grips of too many things. But this is a good state. So lets cover the highlights - 

~ Aarti, mummy and Papa visited. Saw Dhoom 3 in Gold class. Other than that a lot of time was spent in apartment hunting and making cakes. 

~ Made chocolate cake and Banana walnut cake. Woohoo! 

~A day trip to Nandi hills with them. 

~January was the first month in many months when i was in Bangalore for the entire month. Yes, it was deliberate. Much needed.

~Had to bail out of BWW as too many things were going with me. 

~ The Wire: Saw season 1 and season 2 of Wire. Brilliant!! What is really real? It is a modern philosophy in TV series form. Very well done!

~ Saw To The Wonder - another one by Terrence Mallick. While this is not as good as Tree of Life but his directional style is brilliant. Also Olga Kuryenko is beautiful!

~ Swimming : Finished beginner batch of swimming with Nisha Miller academy. Now, i can do free style for one lap nonstop. This is the best thing that i could have done to begin my new year. It almost checks off one of the items from list of Things to do before 30.

~ Running: Ran 21K at Cubbon Park. Took a week break as i was learning to Swim. Did Winter 10K at Ananda Yana today. What an amazing event. Watching this 8-9 year olds run with such energy …. reminds you what life is all about and how it should be lived. 

~ Books: 
How much should a person consume by Ramachandra Guha
Partially read Energy security.
Swaraj by Arvind Kejriwal

~ Movies:
The Wolf of Wall Street: 3/5 I have never really enjoyed Decaprio-Sorcesse films. They have always been average. This one also, even though has its moments, but overall not the one that i will see again.
Dhoom 3: 1/5. Pathetic in so many levels.

~ AAP internship: Attended great sessions on different aspects of campaigning, Anti-corruption and decentralization. Very good sessions indeed.

~ Working 2 hrs a day for AAP koramangala chapter. Going decently so far.

~ Office work picked up steam as the year changed. Lots of interesting things there.

~ Apartment hunting: Spent two weeks to see various apartments. Finally zeroed in on one in HSR layout.

~Sherlock Season 3: Brilliant. Style, panache. That is the way to do it!!

Pete Seeger was the discovery of the month. Sad that i got to know about him only after his death.
Michael Nyman dominated by car stereo. His compositions are hauntingly good.

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