Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 movies : Aug - Dec

I had not blogged various movies i had seen in 2014. Below is their names and my one line review.

Hunger Games - Mocking Jay Part 1: (3/5) . Pleasantly surprised that this movie did not suck as much as the book. Inspite of it being a 2 part split, the flow is not so slow and screenplay credible. Would not recommend though

Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (2.5/5) Had to watch it to just get over with it. The whole trilogy of Hobbit has been a big let down given the LOTR trilogy. Battle sequences are nice but because of no story depth, they have very little influence.

Khoobsurat - (1.5/5) My attempt to watch a regular Bollywood film of this year. Reasonable plot executed without any brain, a lot of legs and bad songs. Nothing works in the movie except the fact that it ends, even though the end comes an hr too late.

Gone Girl - (4.5/5) A brilliant thriller. Very good script and executed to perfection. Highly recommended watch.

Interstellar (3.5/5) Full credit to Nolan for attempting to make larger than life films. Matthew McNaughey delights as usual. Some major issues with screenplay as the first half feels longer. Second half starts brilliantly but the end becomes little too hyperbolic for us.

Sex Tape (2/5) Funny in bits, time pass film. Popcorn flick but fails to hold a grasp even during its small running time.

Wreck it Ralph (3/5) Delightful watch, very creative concept and well executed. Moments of delight but the attempt to bring it back to a happy-ending plot seems too sugary.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (4/5) Wes Anderson films are always a delight. Quirky, imaginative, arbit and strangely beautiful. Liked it a lot. The movie grows on you as time passes. Definitely requires multiple viewings

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