Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie reviews

My last three movies have been awesome. This is despite the fact that i missed this month's camera cinema club screening.

True Grit - Directd by Coen Brothers, this movies is a classic western tale and nothing else. Well directed, well acted, the story line keeps you engaged all the time. Movie's pace is relaxed, neither fast nor slow. Camera shots are beautiful as it has been with Coen movies in past.

Black Swan - Daren Aronofsky's dark drama movie. Black Swan is very similar to Wrestler (the previous movie by Daren). I liked wrestler better because it was more emotionally packed and it had more depth to it. Black Swan is more sensual and much more active than wrestler. While in wrestler, the protagonist is almost retired, in black swan it is the story of an actress who is struggling to get attention. So wrestler was the downhill curve, black swan is the uphill part of bell curve. Good performance by Natalie, very surprised to see Mina Kunis there. Mina kunis will always be Jackie from That 70s show and she was quite bad there. The ending is quite impressive especially the picturaization.

The King's speech - Director Tom Hooper's delighful movie is about King George the VI who stammers. The movie is about how an ordinary but extraordinary speech therapist treats him; set during the start of world war II during which George the VI was required to inspire nation by giving speeches. Very well directed, and awesome performance by Geoffery Rush and Colin Firth. Colin Firth is very very good. Tom Hooper is someone to be followed, i loved his last movie - Damned United. It would have been great to see Charlie Sheen too in this movie, but we will wait. Very nice ending - it doesn't make it the usual melodramatic as one would expect; even though the war is going on, the emphasis is on the speech itself and how relieved the king feels. Helena Carter is a delight to watch.

At home -
Ponyo - Directed by Miyazaki, this one is a very light hearted movie about a fish/mermaid called Ponyo. The anime is quite nicely done with good effects. The story was little bit too loosely formed as per me. A good no tension feel good movie.

Watched Inception again.

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