Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Life in Americas (the good side)

One way to ask the question is - what are you going to miss ? 
The other way to ask the question is - what do you want to remember?

I prefer to answer the latter because thats what this blog is about. I do not miss stuff because i am a very forward looking person. But there are things that i do want to remember.

~ Let me categorically write that work was one of my the best things that happened. The culture, the people, friday talks, tech talks, hallway conversations, startup atmosphere, ideas in the air and everything around them. I am going to remember my colleagues and working with them.

~ Masters at Gatech. It was a tough period in life but all i remember now is great courses, great teachers, lots of fun, lots of hard work put in, a great library, theory courses, talks with coffee and cookies, movie course and the univ atmosphere. 

~Nature - I had never seen the beauty of nature as i experienced it in US.  Right from yosemite trip (the first one) to Redwood and many trips in between, the care that is taken to preserve nature, the feeling one gets when one is hiking in those trails, camping under the starry night, be it alone or with good company. Also, the parks within city such as Bayshore or Heyler park at San jose, or the one at Campbell, running at those parks was a delight. I think i will always cherish those memories. 

~ NPR. Oh yes, NPR is very high, I knew that radio had lots of potential but existence of NPR was a great joy. I would like to document the shows that i liked - Planet money, all music considered, Wait wait dont tell me, Car talk, Prairie home companion, selected shorts, this american life, terry gross interviews (fresh air) , michael krasny interviews. Listening to NPR while driving makes even driving a joy. I will try to follow them even when i am here.

~ Jon Stewart and Colbert. The intersection of satire, comedy and politics has never been better and their creative evolving execution was always entertaining. Comedy central is now airing in Indian channels as well, so woohoo!

~ Cafes. See the blog post - the bay area coffee chapter. And the whole culture around it - performance by local artists etc. 

~ Internet speed. Even though i cursed comcast, i knew that i will hate Indian ISPs. The bandwidth makes so many things possible in US and internet speed is one of my aha things here. 

~ Farmers market - Oh yes, the Sunday morning walks at Mountain view's farmers market were a delight.  Tasting fruits for free, awesome strawberries, live music, indian samosa, veggies, macaroons, fruit tarts, people casually strolling and enjoying the sunday - Thats how markets should be!

~  The whole DIY culture. Be it makers faire, or be it local people doing things of their own. From making your halloween costume to making your honey/eggs, and lots of stuff here. 

~ Bike path - The fact that there exists specialized bike path on roads and the fact that the footpath is so well maintained, bike riding and walking is awesome.

~ Indie cinema and halls. The camera cinema club was awesome. And so were the local halls such as Aquarius, Guild and CineArts, closely followed by camera cinemas. Movie watching with like minded people was always a delight. 

~ Food diversity. For a food junkie like me, it was one of the best things. So many cuisines, so many styles and all so yummy food.  The openness of country can be seen in variety of restaurants. 

And many small things such as road infra, living so close to half moon bay, a general sense of confidence in people, political debates etc etc. 


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