Friday, March 9, 2012

Life in Feb 3 - Mar 7

This edition of Life in Series is brought to you from the hills of Conoor while sitting at the beautiful Acres wild farmhouse. I have skipped an installment the installment when i spent three weeks in US. I will try to recall them but today i want to talk about life after returning to India.

I landed in India on Jan 30 and stayed at Diamond district for two weeks. It has been a great month so far. It has been crazy hectic and simply crazy.  Here are the highlights -

~Attended Swarathma's concert at Freedom Park. It was organized by the JMS management school as their fest event, the entry was free. Liked the band a lot. Fusion/rock  band with very political lyrics/songs. Will post in detail about them.

~ Apartment hunting was painful but fun. In the end i have settled in Charles court near Brigade road. I like my apartment.

~ Went to Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath with parents. Good art gallery, liked the collection and overall glad to see that it exists and maintained decently.

~ General bangalore explorations - In my attempt to re-understand how India operates and since i had to buy lots of stuff for the new place, i have been exploring many places within bangalore.
Went to Chickpet, the wholesale market. It was fun to walk on those small streets. Tiring and sweating as you have to walk everywhere and if you don't know where things are, it is a big issue.
Went to Home Town, i believe it is one of the most expensive places to buy home stuff.  It was really expensive. Then after seeing the cheapest and most expensive went to Lifestyle, commerical street market, Malleswaram market.

~Food: The kerala cuisine at Claypot was quite delicious. So was Gurshi's treat at Sunny's. Went to California pizza kitchen just to check it out, ok but will not go again. Liked the food/decor at Oye Amritsar. Ammi's Biryani was a treat to eat at office.  Andhra cuisine places - Bheema and Nagarjuna are still a delight.

~ Visited Iskon temple. The laddoos taste still good :)

~Hotel Airlines: A nice open place to have coffee in Bangalore. Liked it even though their service was quite bad. Felt like sitting at Philz (minus the coffee ofcourse)

~Watched The Artist at Garuda mall and Agneepath at innovative cinemas.

~Got my stuff shipped from US. Bike ride on Indian roads is fun but in a different manner. Slow traffic is a big help for me :)

~ Read Ender's game.  A different blog post for detail.

~ Trip to kolkatta for recruiting. Hectic but good fun trip with colleagues.  Got to set up written papers which was a good experience. 

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