Friday, March 9, 2012

Movies in Jan-Feb, 2012

After i landed in US in Jan, after spending three weeks in India, i was dying to watch movies. So started my movie streak. It has pretty much reduced to zero now but i am pretty sure it will catch up. Here is a list of movies that i saw.


Tinker Tailor Soldier spy - Honestly speaking, i have to see this one another time. I was so tired when i went into this movie that i couldn't follow it properly and believe me, there are lot of finer points here. Plus Gary oldman is very fascinating.

The descendants - Liked it! Easy, calm movie from Alexander Payne. Good acting by George clooney. Liked the Hawai backdrop, an interesting subject but handled gracefully.

The girl with Dragon tattoo - I liked it so much that i have been waiting to see it another time. Having seen the swedish version and having read the book, i was still looking forward to the hollywood remake and it does not disappoint. It is a taut thriller and protagonists do a good job.

Extremely loud and incredibly close -  Directed by Stephen Daldry and hated by almost all critics as being too dramatic, i seem to have liked it. I like Stephen Daldry's direction (loved the Hours and the Reader) and i seem to enjoy this one as well. Based on a book and about 9/11, i think this movie did a good job in telling the story... people seem to think that it was about 9/11 but it was not. 9/11 is just a tool where the movie begins.

Albert Nobbs - Saw it as part of the camera cinema club.  Found it ok. Ofcourse Glenn close as Nobbs was exceptional but overall i didn't found the movie to be as involving as i would have liked.

From USA to India:
The Help - Saw  it during the flight. I was crying badly after watching this one. A very good feel good/inspirational movie with powerful performances. Same genre as the Freedom fighters, this movie even though is a 6 pointer on imdb, but i always enjoy it.

Glengarry Glen Ross - I have heard so many things about this movie, people making references all the time, people quoting lines. On this flight, i just put it on and sat through it. A very different movie, way different than i had imagined. It seems at first glance that there is no plot at all but then the finer print comes up, its a movie about us. It is a reflection of our image, of how one part of us work and act. I liked the movie but still fail to understand why it has such a cult status.

Declaration of War : Awesome. In the same genre as a documentary (like My son Zacchary), this movie is re-enactment of what the director had to go through when their son is diagnosed with Brain tumor.  Excellently used Vivaldi score at one point! And what a story, the fact that it is based on a true story makes it even special.  Excellent and highly recommended! 

In India:

Agneepath (the new one) : Saw it with Zoheb at Innovative at Marathalli. Sat in balcony after such a long time, i had totally forgotten about the balcony concept. It brought back all those Chitra/?? Korba theatre days. The movie was average (close to disappointing ) but it was the background score that made it for me. Also the scene in which the local hijras come with talwars etc, that was fun. Ending was horrible.

The Artist: Saw it with parents and i liked it. It was different, refreshing and brought back the look and feel of those old days. Saw it at Garuda mall where again most of the co-viewers were old people. The ticket seller gave me a warning before i bought the ticket - It is a silent movie in black and white, do you really want to watch it? I laughed and said yes. Liked the scene in which she puts her hand in his coat. Liked the dream sequence as well. Overall well done!

Watched again : Love and Death :)
Missed: Hugo.

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