Friday, March 9, 2012

Bangalore - The 2.0 experience

This post is about the 2.0 experience at Bangalore. I have been trying to do too many things at once in a city that wants its own space. Also life has been little unkind but that's how it goes. This post is to summarize how too many things have gone wrong at the same time in such a short time.

When the stuff came from US, after unpacking everything, i still couldn't find (a) the screws to put my tv on stand and (b) my toolkit box that i loved so much. Not sure where it is now. Thought too much about it and scanned all my stuff thrice but still no clues. No sherlock to help :(

My personal macbook pro's battery was dead because i had not switched it on for the last three months.  Luckily the apple iStore was nearby. (Some luck finally!)

I  had to leave my battery with them, but i was using the laptop with direct power. One movement, the power cable came out and laptop switched off. It had to be given for a reformat.

Trying to get an address proof was a big pain. First, there was apartment hunting and then later the rental agreement was not returned after a week of moving in. All of this meant that no address proof and nothing happens here without a valid address proof.

Trying to get an airtel connection was pain. Even though they said that it would happen in 4 days, it took 10 days and the guy calls up that he will come and install on the day i was out of station. (I think it is not working again)
After the net was installed, i tried to use the wifi router that i got from US. That was a cable router and Airtel is ADSL. sigh!

After opening my desktop box and configuring all connections, when i switched on the power supply, there was a spark and the cpu SMPS was gone. Went to a store and did the diganostics with the technicial, apparently everything works (thankfully) but the SMPS is gone. That particular SMPS is not easy to get in India. Results awaited.

Took my bike for a ride near Leela for some work. On the way back,  there was a downhill, so i got good momentum but then there was potholes in road and in that the bike rack screws came off and so did the bike rack.

Have lost my copy of P Sainath's Everybody loves a good drought, not sure where it has gone.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

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Crowdsourcer said...

You seem to be having a good time. Where have you been travelling? Were you able to get you bike phixed?