Friday, March 9, 2012

Ender's game

Yes,  i have read the Ender's game now. Again this is a cult book whose reference comes up often when talking to Americans. It might be a little late to understand them but better late than never.

Overall i like the book. Very simple language, small book and overall an interesting story. I was not completely able to visualize all the scenes but overall i got the feel of the book and it was a good read but not great. For some reason, reading this book after the hunger games trilogy is not a good idea as after hunger games, i was fed up with the whole young adult genre and this book falls in the same level. No prose, just action and it seems quite hollow to go through some of the scenes, so much so that it seems fake and implausible at many places. For example, the scene at which Ender builds the boat and his sister comes in, that seems just too cliched.  I like the twist in the ending.
But overall, i am not as impressed as the sci-fi guys are. It is written for teenagers and i believe i am too old to read it now :)

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